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This a list of registered foresters in Stone County who are willing to provide services to the public for a fee. To assist the public, foresters whose names are preceded by the treeicon have signed an affidavit stating that 100% of their working time is spent performing professional forestry services on a fee basis to the general public, that they offer services to the public rather than a single full-time employer, and that their primary business is consulting forestry.

Guthrie, John G. License # 00001
Expiration Date:12/31/2019
Home: PO Box 400, Wiggins, MS 39577
Business: PO Box 400, Wiggins, MS 39577
Telephone: Home 601-928-4958 - Business 601-628-4262
e-mail: john@jgguthrieandsons.com

Guthrie, Randal L. License # 00489
Expiration Date:12/31/2019
Home: 66 Prissie Branch, Perkinston, MS 39573
Business: PO Box 400, Wiggins, MS 39577
Telephone: Home  - Business 601-928-4262
Fax: 601-928-4264
e-mail: forrealco@gmail.com
Vice President

Guthrie, James David . License # 00029
Expiration Date:12/31/2019
Home: 929 East College Avenue, Wiggins, MS 39577
Business: 114 Caver Avenue, Wiggins, MS 39577
Telephone: Home 601-467-5011 - Business 601-467-5011
e-mail: jamesdguthrie@aol.com

Guthrie, Jr., John G. License # 00028
Expiration Date:12/31/2019
Home: 13 Bobby Hunt Road, Wiggins, MS 39577
Business: PO Box 400, Wiggins, MS 39577
Telephone: Home 601-928-4262 - Business 601-928-4262
Fax: 601-928-4264
e-mail: johnjr@jgguthrieandsons.com

Holmes, Sarah M. License # 01613
Expiration Date:12/31/2019
Home: 424 Hwy 29, Wiggins, MS 39577
Business: 424 Hwy 29, Wiggins, MS 39577
Telephone: Home 601-928-4215 - Business 601-716-6303
e-mail: holmes8070@bellsouth.net
Forester/Self Employed

McKie Jr, Edward Hoover . License # 02497
Expiration Date:12/31/2019
Home: 412 Flint Creek Road, Wiggins, MS 39577
Business: 412 Flint Creek Road, Wiggins, MS 39577
Telephone: Home 662-571-3219 - Business 662-571-3219
e-mail: mmforestry@hotmail.com

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