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This a list of ALL registered foresters in Calhoun County. Click here to limit your search to ONLY registered foresters who provide services to the public for a fee.

To assist the public, foresters whose names are preceded by the treeicon have signed an affidavit stating that 100% of their working time is spent performing professional forestry services on a fee basis to the general public, that they offer services to the public rather than a single full-time employer, and that their primary business is consulting forestry.

Bell, Donald S. License # 00299
Expiration Date:12/31/2019
Home: 139 Pilgreen PO Box 1076, Bruce, MS 38915
Business: PO Box 1076, Bruce, MS 38915-1076
Telephone: Home 662-983-2588 - Business 

Edington, Grover B. License # 01364
Expiration Date:12/31/2019
Home: 186 County Road 433, Vardaman, MS 38878
Business: 186 CR 433, Vardaman, MS 38878
Telephone: Home 662-682-7351 - Business 662-414-6109
e-mail: grover.edington@tds.net

Harrison, Tympel Turner S. License # 01853
Expiration Date:12/31/2019
Home: 60 County Road 409, Calhoun City, MS 38916
Business: 121 West Main Street, Pittsboro, MS 38951
Telephone: Home 601-549-4211 - Business 662-417-7492
e-mail: t_blansett@yahoo.com
Public Information & Outreach Forester

Hood, John B. License # 01579
Expiration Date:12/31/2019
Home: 123 CR 345, Calhoun City, MS 38916
Business: 123 County Road 345, Calhoun City, MS 38916
Telephone: Home 662-266-9389 - Business 662-266-9389
Fax: 662-637-2033
e-mail: johnbhood270@gmail.com

Morgan, Jr., Thomas H. License # 01239
Expiration Date:12/31/2019
Home: 40 Camp Seminole Road, Starkville, MS 39759
Business: PO Box 577, Starkville, MS 39759
Telephone: Home 662-255-2721 - Business 662-650-7217
e-mail: tom.morgan@weyerhaeuser.com
Raw Material Representative

Simmons, Christen M. License # 02414
Expiration Date:12/31/2019
Home: 438 County Road 306, Big Creek, MS 38914
Business: 909 Hwy 8 East, Vardaman, MS 38878
Telephone: Home 662-809-3627 - Business 662-682-9232
e-mail: bluerose2001@tds.net
Food Safety Manager

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