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This a list of ALL registered foresters in Webster County. Click here to limit your search to ONLY registered foresters who provide services to the public for a fee.

To assist the public, foresters whose names are preceded by the treeicon have signed an affidavit stating that 100% of their working time is spent performing professional forestry services on a fee basis to the general public, that they offer services to the public rather than a single full-time employer, and that their primary business is consulting forestry.

Burton, Steven S. License # 01763
Expiration Date:12/31/2017
Home: 2615 Clarkson Road, Eupora, MS 39744
Business: 2615 Clarkson Road, Eupuora, MS 39744
Telephone: Home 662-258-4228 - Business 662-552-1025
e-mail: burtontimber@yahoo.com

Collum, Jeffrey L. License # 02529
Expiration Date:12/31/2017
Home: 336 Sibley Road, Eupora, MS 39744
Business: 336 Sibley Road, Eupora, MS 39744
Telephone: Home 662-552-7550 - Business 662-552-7550
e-mail: jcollum@hughes.net
Owner/Operator/Truck Driver

Davis, Patrick N. License # 02474
Expiration Date:12/31/2017
Home: 31 County Road 210, Pittsboro, MS 38951
Business: 21 Sprayberry Road, Bellefontaine, MS 39737
Telephone: Home 662-744-2701 - Business 662-744-2701
e-mail: Patrick.Davis@weyerhaeuser.com
Planning Forester/Recreational Lease Rep

Drier, Rebecca O. License # 02221
Expiration Date:12/31/2017
Home: 1017 Muirfield Drive, Starkville, MS 39759
Business: PO Box 6055, Bellefontaine, MS 39737
Telephone: Home 662-312-3312 - Business 662-258-7330
e-mail: rebecca.drier@weyerhaeuser.com
EMS Manager MRT Forester

Herrin, Stacey Stroud . License # 02412
Expiration Date:12/31/2017
Home: 1520 Waddell Road, Cedar Bluff, MS 39741
Business: 1520 Waddell Road, Cedar Bluff, MS 39741
Telephone: Home 662-822-4510 - Business 662-822-4510
e-mail: stacey.herrin@weyerhaeuser.com
Harvest Manager

Meek III, Walter B. License # 01782
Expiration Date:12/31/2019
Home: 3769 Greensboro Road, Eupora, MS 39744
Business: 605 Hall Road, Eupora, MS 39744
Telephone: Home 662-258-4007 - Business 662-258-8206
Fax: 662-258-6769
e-mail: bmeek@webstercountyschools.com
Forestry Instructor

Parish, Jr., Bert R. License # 01587
Expiration Date:12/31/2019
Home: 87 Caitlin Avenue, Mathiston, MS 39752
Business: 231 E Walnut Avenue, Eupora, MS 39744
Telephone: Home 662-258-7747 - Business 662-258-7740
e-mail: bert.parish.nz68@statefarm.com

Swords, Russell L. License # 00571
Expiration Date:12/31/2017
Home: PO Box 364, Walthall, MS 39771
Business: PO Box 364, Walthall, MS 39771
Telephone: Home 662-258-2272 - Business 662-258-2272
e-mail: rswords74@gmail.com

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