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Linda Sites

Barnes, H.M., L.S. Sites, T.S.F.A. França, M.G. Sanders, F.J.N. França. 2017. Dimensional stability of melamine formaldehyde-treated southern pine. International Research Group on Wood Protection. IRG/WP 17-40774. 5 pp.

Liang, K., S.Q. Shi, D.D. Nicholas, L.S. Sites. 2013. Accelerated weathering test of kenaf fiber unsaturated polyester sheet molding compounds. Wood and Fiber Science 45(1)42-48. Download

Nicholas, D.D., J. Shi, T.P. Schultz, L. Sites. 2012. Effect of an antioxidant on the efficiacy of organic wood preservatives in an accelerated soil contact decay test. Proceedings, International Research Group on Wood Protection, IRG/WP 12-30583. 7 pp. Download

Lebow, P., R. Ziobro, L.K. Sites, T.P. Schultz, D. Pettry, D.D. Nicholas, S. Lebow, P. Kamdem, R. Fox, D. Crawford. 2006. Statistical analysis of influence of soil source on leaching of arsenic and copper from CCA-C treated wood. Wood and Fiber Science 38(3):439-449. Download

Nicholas, D.D., T.P. Schultz, L. Sites, D. Buckner. 2005. Effect of permeability and extractives on the decay rate of southern pine sapwood in above ground exposure. International Research Group on Wood Preservation, Doc. #IRG/WP 05-20310. 8 pp.

Tilley, B.K., K.A. Brasher, D.D. Nicholas, L. Sites, I.A. Munn, T.P. Schultz. 2005. Wood preservation in Mississippi. Tree Talk 27(4):28-32.

Crawford, D., R. Fox, P. Kamden, S. Lebow, D.D. Nicholas, D. Pettry, T.P. Schultz, L. Sites, R. Ziobro. 2002. Lab studies of CCA-C leaching: Influence of wood and soil properties on extent of arsenic and copper depletion. IRGWP Doc #IRGWP 02-50186

Oh, Y.S., L.S. Sites, T. Sellers, Jr., D.D. Nicholas. 2000. Computerized Dynamic Swellometer Evaluation of Oriented Strand Products. Forest Products Journal 50(3): 35-38.

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