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Hui Wan

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Hui Wan

Mao, A, R. Shmulsky, Q. Li, H. Wan. 2014. Recycling polyurethane materials: A comparison of polyol from glycolysis with micronized polyurethane powder in particleboard applications. 9(3):4253-4265. Download

Hassan, E.M., M.G. Kim, H. Wan. 2009. Phenol-formaldehyde type resins made from phenol liquefied wood for bonding of particle board. Journal of Applied Polymer Science 112(3):1436-1143. Download

Wan, H., M.G. Kim. 2008. Distribution of phenol-formaldehyde resin in impregnated southern pine and effects on stabilization. Wood and Fiber Science 40(2):181-189.

Wan, H., M. Kim. 2006. Southern pine wood and strands impregnated with low levels of butanetetracarboxylic acid as stabilizing agent for oriented strandboard. Wood and Fiber Science 38(1):144-154. Download

Wan, H., M.G. Kim. 2006. Southern pine wood and strands impregnated with low molecular weight phenol-formaldehyde resin for stabilization of oriented strand board. Wood and Fiber Science 38(2):314-324. Download

Kim, M.G., H. Wan, B.Y. No, W.L. Nieh. 2001. Examination of selected synthesis and room-temperature storage parameters for wood adhesive-type urea-formaldehyde resins by 13C-NMR spectroscopy. IV. Journal of Applied Polymer Science 82(5):1155-1169. Download

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