Forest Products

Forest Products - The use of wood as a material requires a fundamental understanding of wood properties, manufacturing processes, and the marketing and sales of wood products. Students in the Forest Products concentration are prepared for positions in wood manufacturing, marketing and research. Employers include lumber and pulp and paper mills, furniture manufacturers, and retail marketers of wood materials.

Scholarship Information

College of Forest Resource Scholarship applications are accepted from January to April 1 of each year. Freshmen should complete the Mississippi State University Scholarship Resume online through their Admission application on the MSU web page. For more information, contact the CFR Office of Academic Affairs at 662.325.2624.

Students must submit a CFR Scholarship Application prior to April 1 to be considered for a departmental scholarship. Renewal of scholarships are based on Fall grade reports each year. Renewal of a scholarship is competitive. Applications are available from the CFR Office of Student Services, Box 9680, Mississippi State, Mississippi 39762.

For more information on CFR scholarships, contact us at the CFR Office of Student Services, Box 9680, Mississippi State, Mississippi 39762 or send an e-mail to


Download the 2014-2015 curriculum information.

Graduate Programs
Plant Engineer
Plant Manager
Plant Superintendent
Product Development and Research Technician
Product Engineer
Production Manager
Production Supervisor
Quality Chemist
Regional Sales Manager
Resin Chemist
Sawmill Supervisor
Senior Marketing Manager
Wood Materials Scientist
Wood Procurement Superintendent
Extension Specialist
Environmental Engineer
Furniture Marketing Specialist
Global Technology Manager
Kiln Specialist
Landowner Assistance Forester
Lumber Quality and Technical Manager
Marketing and Sales Representative
Mill Manager
Continuous Process Improvement Manager