Mississippi State University

Conclave 2004

Archery Rules

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  1. Each member club may enter one contestant.
  2. Scoring will be on an individual basis.
  3. National Archery Association of the United States rules are to be used.
  4. Contestants will shoot 1/5 of the Junior American Round -- 6 arrows at 40 yards, 6 arrows at 30 yards, and 6 arrows at 20 yards.
  5. Targets will be of standard size (48 inches in diameter), divided into a central disc 9 3/5 inches in diameter, with five concentric rings each of 4 4/5 inches in width and colored, from the center ring out, respectively, gold, red, blue, black and white.
  6. Targets will be placed so that the center of the gold is 51 inches from the ground.
  7. Only conventional hunting bows with a minimum weight of 30 pounds at 28 inches may be used.
  8. Use of external stabilizers, sights, pulleys, or releases will not be allowed. All bows will be thoroughly inspected and approved by the judge prior to shooting.
  9. Only arrows with field type points may be used. No broadhead points may be used.
  10. No cross bows will be allowed.
  11. The face of the target has 5 concentric rings each bearing a scoring value: gold center, 9 points for each hit; red, 7 ; blue, 5; black, 3; and white, 1.
  12. An arrow cutting through two colors is given the higher value (unless the arrow is touched before the decision is made by the scorekeeper, in which case the lower value is taken).
  13. Any arrow rebounding from target face will be re-shot.
  14. Arrows must not be touched or withdrawn from target face until official scoring is completed.
  15. One-half of the contestants will shoot at one time on two or more targets.
  16. Six practice shots at any distance, left to the discretion of the competitor, will be allowed prior to the competition.
  17. Arrows may be handed to the contestant.

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