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Conclave 2004

Chain Throwing Rules

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  1. Each member club may enter one pair of contestants who will work together.
  2. Each team will be responsible for providing their own chain.
  3. The chain will be a two chain (132) add or subtract, without trailer, with a leather thong at least four (4) inches long attached to each end.
  4. The chain must be laid out between two fifty (50)-foot lines, one hundred fifty (150) feet apart. Any part of the chain or contestants crossing any line of this rectangle will result in disqualification.
  5. The chaining course will consist of two chaining pins set at a distance of one hundred thirty-one (131) feet apart. The starting point will be a chaining pin placed five (5) feet from the center of an end line.
  6. The head judge will examine the tied chain at the start and finish of each try to be sure that the chain is thrown and tied correctly. The judge will drop the tied chain from waist height on the spot designated by the contestants. Time begins whenever either contestant first touches the chain on the ground.
  7. A stake, one and one half by one and one half (1-1/2 x 1-1/2) inches and three (3) feet above the ground, will be located three feet inside the end line furthest from the starting point.
  8. The chain must be completely laid out by the head chainman, and either or both chainmen must remove all kinks from the chain.
  9. Simultaneously with the rear chainman touching the starting pin, the head chainman must stretch the chain and clearly touch the chaining pin 131 feet away.
  10. The chain is then taken up by the head chainman (with assistance from rear chainman, if desired), thrown, tied, and dropped from the height of three (3) feet over the stake. Time ends when the chain hits the ground.
  11. To be correctly tied, both thongs must be wrapped at least twice and secured in any fashion so it will remain secure after the chain is dropped over the finishing stake. Failure to achieve this will result in disqualification.
  12. One (1) deviation (i.e., one twisted loop or a loop more than one (1) link but less than two (2) links out of place) will be grounds for a twenty (20)-second penalty. More than one (1) deviation in any chain (i.e., both of the above or two (2) loops twisted, or loops more than two (2) links out of place) will be grounds for disqualification of the time.

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