Mississippi State University

Conclave 2004

Compass and Pacing Rules

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  1. Each member club may enter one contestant.
  2. The compass course must be at least four open traverses (30-50 chains), each with at least four segments. If more than one contestant uses each traverse, they will start at ten (10)-minute intervals and will be required to complete one traverse only.
  3. Contestants will be allowed the use of a hand-type compass only. Declination will be set at zero (0) degrees and a true north calibration point must be provided.
  4. A traverse must be traveled by each contestant only once. The contestant may not, after beginning the course, return to the starting point.
  5. The traverses are to be laid out by representatives of the judges with methods equivalent to using a transit and steel tape. Field notes will be kept and deposited with the Judges’ Committee before the start of the contest.
  6. The portion of each traverse to be traveled by each contestant will have the same number of bearings, and lengths of each will be within one chain of all others.
  7. *Winning positions will be awarded to the contestants completing the traverse with the highest relative precision ratio, computed as: traverse length/linear error (measured)
  8. All compass and pacing traverses will be in similar terrain and vegetative type and avoid serious obstacles that affect the magnetic function of the compass and/or the progress of the contestant.
  9. Hand calculators may be used.
  10. Each contestant must travel his/her entire traverse from start to finish to be credited as having completed the course.
  11. Clothing aids to the contestant, such as protective clothing or chaps, will be allowed.

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