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Conclave 2004

General Rules

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  1. Each member club will be allowed one entry (team or individual as appropriate) in each event. The term “member club” as used in these rules includes associate member clubs.
  2. Contestants must register with the Judge Committee before the start of the contest itself.
  3. Each member club will be represented by one team captain, who will act as spokesman for his team.
  4. Substitutions may be made with the approval of the judges.
  5. The order of contestants will be determined by the host school prior to the Conclave. Random number tables will be used. (When contestants compete simultaneously, the position in each event will be determined by drawing of numbers at the beginning of each event.)
  6. Refer to ASFC Constitution, Article VIII, Section F.


  1. Contestants will be expected to furnish their own equipment for events unless otherwise stipulated by individual contest rules.
  2. All equipment furnished by the individual contestants is subject to inspection and approval by the judges.

Duplicate Winning Efforts

  1. These rules apply to any event not covered by rules governing ties.
  2. In case of duplicate winning efforts for first, second, or third place, there will be a runoff. In case of a tie for any place from fourth on down, the total points for the position immediately following will be added and divided equally between the tied contestants. The place tied for will automatically eliminate the next lower place. For example, in the case of a tie for fourth place, there will be no fifth place points awarded. Sixth place points, however, will be awarded.

Penalties and Disqualifications

  1. Before each event, judges for the event will review the rules with the contestants.
  2. Adherence to good sportsmanship aLog rolling competition at Auburn Conclave 2001nd fair play will be expected from all participants. Automatic disqualification with no points awarded will result if any display of unsportsmanlike behavior is observed. The final determination will be made by the Protest Committee.1 Any interference with a competitor will lead to disqualification.
  3. Compliance with the rules of the event will be determined by the judges and their decision will be final. Protests may be filed after the event according to Article VIII, Section K, of the ASFC Constitution. The protestant is allowed to attend the protest meeting.
  4. All events will be within a roped-off area; only judges, contestants and photographers will be allowed inside.
  5. Events will be conducted according to the written rules and according to unanimous decisions among contestants and judges prior to the event.

Timed Events

  1. In all events in which the fastest time determines the placing positions, OFFICIAL TIME will consist of the average time registered on the two closest agreements of three separate stop watches operated by three different individuals.

Judges’ Representatives

  1. Judges’ Representatives are persons who actually set up technical events. These representatives will do no actual judging, but merely assist the judges in setting up the events.
  2. No member of a club with a team competing in the Conclave may act as a Judges’ Representative in technical events.
  3. Rules 1 and 2 apply only when the host club is competing.

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1 Amendment approved March 25, 1993 and effective March 26, 1993.