Mississippi State University

Conclave 2004

Log Birling Rules

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  1. Each member club may enter one contestant.
  2. Contestants must wear long trousers and a shirt. Footgear may be worn; however, no cleats are allowed on footgear.
  3. The log will be twelve (12) to fourteen (14) feet long and of sufficient diameter to float two men. The birling log should be a clear log,Log birling free of knots, and should be debarked by the host club soon after being cut. The log should be burlapped by the host school, to cover the entire log.
  4. The log must be tested by the host school to insure that it is floatable and will support at least two standing 200-lb. persons.
  5. Contestants will be paired by a drawing conducted by the judges, and the contest will be run by double elimination.
  6. Contestants will be assisted in mounting the floating log and will begin birling when both are balanced. Balancing objects may not be used. No bodily contact between contestants is permitted. An 18 line will be placed at the center of buoyancy of the log. Contestants will not be allowed to touch this line. A clear signal should be given by each competitor to show the holders that he or she is ready.
  7. The contestant who remains on the log or is the last person to enter the water wins the throw.
  8. The contestant who wins two out of three throws wins the paired trial. If the judges are unable to determine the winner of an individual throw, the throw will be repeated.
  9. Contestants are not allowed to touch the log with any part of their bodies other than the feet at any time after competition has started.

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