Mississippi State University

Conclave 2004

Log Chopping Rules

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  1. Each member club may enter one contestant.
  2. Cutting material should be a ten (10) inch-square cant of a soft hardwood species. The cant will be secured at least four (4) inches from the ground. The species to be used will be left to the discretion of the host club. The host club will inform the other clubs by January 1 as to the species to be used. In turn, the member clubs will notify the host of their acceptance of the designated species.
  3. Each contestant must furnish his or her own axe. The axe used may either be single or double bitted, with up to a 7.5 pound head and any length handle.
  4. Timing will start on a signal from the judges and will stop when the contestant signals the completion of the cut by placing the axe in the cant or[1] on the ground and throwing his or her arms up. Unless the cant is completely severed at this time, the contestant will be disqualified. A practice cut or cuts will be allowed on the competition cant as long as the cuts do not extend into the competition cut.
  5. In case the axe breaks during the runniLog Choppingng of the contest, time will not stop while the axe is replaced.
  6. The fastest time for a complete cut determines the winner.
  7. There will be as many extra cants as possible.
  8. A five (5)-second penalty will be assessed for each chop made before the starting signal.
  9. All contestants will be required to wear safety-type shoes or foot protectors.
  10. Each contestant will have a separate cant approximately sixty (60) inches long. The cut may be made at any point as long as the entire cut does not extend into the end of the cant. The cant cannot be moved from the general location in which it is set by the host school. The competitor may place the cant in any position, at that location, that he or she desires.
  11. A time limit of 5 minutes will be set on log chopping to reduce the danger of an injury due to exhaustion.
  12. The contestant may not in any way influence the severing of the cant with anything but the axe.

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