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Conclave 2004

Log Rolling Rules

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  1. Each member club may enter one pair of contestants who will work together.
  2. The log will be twelve (12) feet long and sixteen (16) to eighteen (18) inches in diameter at the butt end.
  3. The log must be rolled Log rollingfrom the starting line and kept between two parallel boundary lines sixteen (16) feet apart and sixty (60) feet long, to the end of the course, through the end takes, and immediately back to and over the starting line. At five-foot intervals along the boundary lines will be pine lathes firmly driven into the ground. These lathes will be one inch by one-quarter (1 x 1/4) inch and will be driven with the long axis perpendicular to the log rolling course. Lath length must provide for a minimum of eighteen (18) inches of lath showing above the ground.
  4. For each lath broken or knocked over during the running time, a five (5)-second penalty will be added to the total time of the entry. An additional penalty of twenty (20) seconds will be added to the total time of the entry for knocking down more than two (2) laths in succession. Whether a lath is knocked over or not is left to the judges’ discretion.
  5. Any broken lath will be replaced by the judges’ representatives after each entry has completed the event, but not during the running time. It will be the judges’ particular responsibility to assess whether the log passes over a previously broken lath and to determine the appropriate penalty.
  6. The log must be moved with the aid of cant hooks, peavies or combination tools only.
  7. Winners will be determined on the basis of the least time plus penalties.
  8. A penalty of two (2) seconds will be given for each illegal touching of the log. A five (5) second penalty or disqualification will be given if the log is lifted over a lath. A thirty (30)-second penalty will be given for rolling the log over the end lath at the finish line.
  9. The host club will provide a non-competing team to roll the log through the course before the first contestants compete.

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