Mississippi State University

Conclave 2004

Men's Bow Saw Rules

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  1. Each member club may enter one contestant.
  2. Each contestant will use his/her own saw. The host school will make available to all clubs a backup saw, to be used at the discretion of the Men's Bow Sawcontestants, with the clock continuing to run. Replacement of the contestant’s own saw with the backup saw may be made only in the event of a deformity or dysfunction of the original bowsaw. An inspection of the original saw by the judges will follow the completion of the cut to determine deformity. If the judges rule that the original saw is not deformed, the contestant will be automatically disqualified and no points will be awarded.
  3. The use of lubricants will be left to the discretion of the contestant. Only the contestant may lubricate the saw.
  4. Cutting material will consist of a square cant uniformly eight inches (8 x 8) of a soft hardwood species. The cant will be firmly secured into a cradle so that it is 2.5 feet from the ground. The species will be specified to each school by January 1. The angle of the set to the cant must also be specified prior to Conclave.
  5. The contestant who saws completely through the cant in the least time will be the winner.
  6. Practice cuts will be allowed on contest cants but cannot overlap actual cut on completion.
  7. All cants should be kept green by soaking with water as soon as possible (preferably two or three days after cutting).
  8. Time will start when the teeth of the saw touch the cant.
  9. Time will end when the cut portion hits the ground.

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