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Conclave 2004

Pole Classification Rules

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  1. Each member club may enter one contestant.
  2. A total of ten (10) pole class trees will be designated by the judges.
  3. A true classification, based on highest dollar value and as classed by American Standards Association rules, will be compiled by representatives of the judges and will be deposited with the Judges’ Committee before the start of the contest.
  4. Four weeks prior to Conclave, contestants will be furnished with a duplicate of the dollar yield table and the American Standards Association pole classification table used by the judges’ representatives to make the true classification. These tables, along with any commonly used equipment, such as tapes, bark guages, and hypsometers, may be used by the contestants in their estimation. A time of one and one-half (1-1/2) hours will be allowed.
  5. Each tree will be worth ten (10) points. Four (4) points will be given for the correct class, minus one (1) point for each class by which it is missed (but no negative points even if missed by five classes). Four (4) points will be given for the correct length, minus one (1) point for each five-foot length in error (again, no negative points). Two (2) points will be given for the correct price when class and length are correct. This last would entail a penalty for misreading the price table. One (1) point will be given for reading the correct price for stated class and length, even though one may be wrong. No points will be given for a price that does not match the class and length. A cull tree must be entered on the score sheet as "cull." If a class, length and price are given for a cull tree, the score will be a zero (0) for that particular tree.
  6. The host club must state how the poles were classified and used.

Both tables are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print.

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