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Conclave 2004

Pole Climbing Rules

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  1. Each member club may enter one contestant.Pole climbing
  2. The pole will be of any species other than pine, six (6) to eight (8) inches in diameter at breast height while still on the stump, and twenty (20) feet in height after being placed in the ground. The pole will be debarked.
  3. The pole will be in the center of a circle eight feet (8') in diameter. The contestant may begin the climb in any manner as long as he or she remains within the circle.
  4. Each contestant will be allowed two attempts, not in succession, to reach the top. If the contestant elects to use both allowed attempts and reaches the top on both occassions, the faster time will be the recorded time for the event.
  5. Practice on the competition pole will be allowed one-half hour prior to competition. Each competitor will be allowed 2 trial climbs.
  6. Contestants may climb in boots, shoes, or bare feet. Nothing may be allowed on shoes or bare feet. Prior to the event, the judge will test the shoes or feet of each contestant to make sure they are not sticky.
  7. A contestant's time will begin when his or her hand makes contact with the pole; time will end when the contestant’s hands make contact with the top face of the pole. The winner will be the contestant who completes the event in the shortest amount of time. The competitor has a three-minute time limit after his or her name has been announced to start the climb. Otherwise, the contestant forfeits that attempt.
  8. A marking device (e.g., chalk bag) will be placed at the top of each pole.
  9. There will be at least three judges.
  10. The pole climbing event will be in the afternoon.
  11. The competition pole should be debarked at least one week prior to the event.
  12. The host school must have a practice pole adjacent to the competition pole to allow for practice.

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