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Conclave 2004

Pole Felling Rules

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  1. Each member club may enter one contestant.
  2. The poles will be of uniform species, diameter and height, approximately twenty (20) feet set firmly in the ground, between six (6) and nine (9) inches in diameter at breast height within a one (1) inch diameter class.
  3. At the signal from the judges, time will start and each contestant will drive a stake provided by the judges into the ground at the full extension of the cord attached to the bottom of the pole. This cord should be of a length three-quarters of the pole height.
    Amendment (3/19/1999): string will be brought out 15 ft. from the base of the stump before the competitor fells the pole. This will be done by a judge and measured by d-tape. Each school will have this option before the competition.
  4. Winning places will be determined by the shortest distance between the edge of the pole closest to the stake and fifteen (15') feet from the stump, and the stake's edge closest to the pole. The pole is to be in its original line of contact with the ground. Poles felled more than ninety (90) degrees from the stake will be measured from the point on the pole which is string distance from the pole stump.
  5. In the event that more than one pole touches its stake during the original fall, the shortest time will determine the placing of the winner.
  6. The entry will be disqualified if the pole falls before the contestant begins the felling cut, or in any way attempts to influence the fall of the pole with the axe or bodily contact.
  7. The contestant may clean the front cut in any way. The back cut may also be cleaned in any manner other than using the hands. The contestant may not return to the front cut after the back cut is started.
  8. Time limit is set at ten (10) minutes.

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