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Conclave 2004

Women's Cross Cut Rules

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  1. Each member club may enter one paiWomen's cross cut competitionr of female contestants who will work together.
  2. Each team must provide their own two-woman team, hand, independent tooth and raker cross-cut saw.
  3. The use of lubricants will be left to the discretion of the contestants. The lubrication may not be applied over the cant or once the cut has been started.
  4. Cutting material will consist of a squared cant uniformly eight by eight (8 x 8) inches of soft-hardwood species. The species will be specified to each school by January 1. The cant will be firmly secured into a cradle so that the distance from the bottom of the cant to the ground is twenty (20) inches.
  5. The team that saws completely through the cant in the least time will be declared the winner. Time will start when the blade of the saw touches the wood. Time will end when the cut portion strikes the ground.
  6. In the event of damage to the saw, the time is continued while changes or repairs are made to the saw.
  7. Practice cants should be of the same species and condition as the contest cants.
  8. All cants should be kept green by soaking with water as soon as possible (preferably two or three days) after cutting.
  9. One practice start or cut will be allowed on the competition cant immediately before competition.

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