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Conclave 2004

Wood Technology Rules

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  1. Each member club may enter one contestant.
  2. A total of twenty (20) fresh pieces of wood will be given to the contestants for correct identification. A total of forty (40) minutes (2 minutes per wood specimen) will be allowed for this identification, proper recording, and submission to the judges. The specimen will then be passed to the next contestant.
  3. Only those woods given in "Key to Coniferous Woods--Gross Features" and "Key to Hardwoods--Gross Features" in Volume I (4th ed.) of the Textbook of Wood Technology by Panshin and deZeeuw may be used as test material. In the event that the key does not differentiate between two or more species on this basis, the judges will advise the contestants as to which name to use. Latin names and common names will be required for answers. The use of a key during the contest is prohibited. Each school will be sent a list of tree species from which the test will be given by January 1.
  4. There will be one (1) point given for the correct genus name and two (2) points for the correct species name. Genus and species must be underlined. One (1) point will be given for the correct common name. One-half credit will be given for misspelling or failure to underline. Whether a species name is wrong or merely misspelled will be determined by the common name given by the contestant.
  5. Contestants will be allowed the use of a 10 to 20 power hand lens. The host club will ensure that adequate light is available for wood identification.
  6. Only clean, fresh wood samples (no paint, varnish, shellac, etc.) will be used, and the contestants will be allowed to cut the wood.
  7. In case of a tie for first, second or third place, additional test woods will be given until a runoff winner has been decided.
  8. True identification will consist of identification made by the judges’ representatives. This true identification must be in the hands of the Judges’ Committee before the contest.
  9. The stations must be at least five (5) feet apart.
  10. If a species name shows up on the dendrology, wildlife and/or wood identification lists, they will all have the same common name.

List of Wood is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print.

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