Mississippi State University

Club History

Participants in Physical Events  1994
Event Participant
Archery Ricky Hollis
Axe Throwing Phillip Smith
Chain Throwing
C. Ward/C. Tillotson
Knife Throwing
Chris Tillotson
Log Birling
Bert Parish
Log Chopping
Bert Parish
Log Rolling
B. Kitchings/M. Buras
Men's Bow Sawing
Chris Ward
Women's Bow Sawing
Jack/Jill Cross-cut Sawing
T. Cooner/R. Hollis
Men's Cross-cut Sawing
B. Kitchings/R. Hollis
Women's Cross-cut sawing
T. Cooner/G. Streit
Pole Climbing
Wayne Johnson
Pole Felling
Stephen Heard

Participants in Technical Events  1994
Event  Participant
Compass & Pacing Milt Burris
DBH Estimation Bert Parish
Dendrology Andrea Leidolf
Photogrammetry Martin Beavers
Pole classification Phillip Smith
Timber estimation Bert Parish
Wildlife A. Leidolf/C. Tillotson
Wood technology Ricky Hollis

Conclave Ranks and Participants

MSU students have participated in the Southern Forestry Schools Conclave for several decades. To view past participants and their ranks, click on a set of years below.

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