Mississippi State University

Club History

Participants in Physical Events  1999
Event Participant
Archery Jimmy Jackson
Axe Throwing Wendi Sharpe
Chain Throwing
Red Taylor/Misty Tanner
Knife Throwing
Jimmy Jackson
Log Birling
Brian Cobble
Log Chopping
Jack Robertson
Log Rolling
Jimmy Jackson/Kris New
Men's Bow Sawing
Eddie Adams
Women's Bow Sawing
Red Taylor
Jack/Jill Cross-cut Sawing
Damon Blakely/Wendi Sharpe
Men's Cross-cut Sawing
Eddie Adams/Jack Robertson
Women's Cross-cut sawing
Sarah Palmisano/Wendi Sharpe
Pole Climbing
Steven Rhyne
Pole Felling
Robert Glogau

Participants in Technical Events  1999
Event  Participant
Compass & Pacing Rachel Habig
DBH Estimation Damon Blakely
Dendrology Damon Blakely
Photogrammetry Red Taylor
Pole classification Paul Jeffreys
Timber estimation Jessica Smith
Wildlife Jason Morris/Bryan Cobble
Wood technology N/A

Conclave Ranks and Participants

MSU students have participated in the Southern Forestry Schools Conclave for several decades. To view past participants and their ranks, click on a set of years below.

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1990 - 19941995 - 1999
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