Summer Field Session

General Information

Currently Enrolled Students: General information is available from Dr. Charles Sabatia. In addition to completing the application form and medical forms, students must pre-register for the Summer Field Program during Spring pre-registration. Courses are listed in the 10-week summer term under the Distance Education campus.

Transfer Students: Apply for admission to MSU, submit a Summer Field Program application and medical form, and plan to attend the Summer Field Program. Applications for the Summer Field Program are available from community college advisors. Application for admission to MSU must be made before applying for the summer field program. Visit the web at and link to Future Students. Students must receive a “clear” or “admit contingent” admission status to pre-register. In addition, students must have their immunization record on file with the MSU Student Health Center before pre-registration.

Essential Skills for Successful Completion of the Forest Measurements Section of the MSU Forestry Summer Field Program: Community College students who transfer to the MSU Forestry program are expected to enroll in the Summer Field Program course, FO3015, during the summer immediately after they transfer. Read a summary of the essential skills. Download

Courses | May 22 - July 21

  • FO 3012 - Intro to Forest Communities - [Prerequisites - Soils and Dendrology] (2 weeks)
    June 5-June 16
  • FO 3015 - Forest Description and Analysis - [Prerequisites - Forest Measurements and Statistics] (5 weeks)
    May 22-June 2 and June 19-July 7
  • FO 4231 - Forest Operations & Harvesting - (1 week)
    July 17-July 21
  • WF 3031 - Wildlife & Fisheries Practices - (1 week)
    July 10-July 14

Estimated Costs (subject to change)

Tuition and Fees:(based on 2016 figures): $319.75 per credit hour. More information about Tuition and Fees can be found at

Financial Aid: Requests for financial aid should be directed to the Office of Scholarships. Application for financial aid should be made as early in the year as possible. During the summer session, students may apply for CFR Summer Field Program Scholarships which will be awarded after the completion of SFP 2017.

Housing: Students are responsible for making their own housing arrangements. For on-campus housing, contact MSU Housing at 662-325-3555. Mention that you are attending the College of Forest Resource's Summer Field Program.


Parker, et al., "Field and Laboratory Exercises for Forest Description Analysis" - FO 3015
Avery and Burkhart, "Forest Measurements" - FO 3015
Samuelson and Hogan, "Forest Trees" - FO 3012
Introduction to Forest Communities - FO 3012

Required Equipment

  • Compass (quadrants) - Silva Ranger (type 15) or Suunto (Type MCID), FO 3015
  • Diameter tape - 20 ft. in tenths, L/R hand, FO 3012 & FO 3015
  • Biltmore stick - FO 3015
  • BAF 1O Prism - 20 x 40 mm, calibrated/uncalibrated, FO 3012 & FO 3015
  • Hand calculator - scientific, FO 3012 & FO 3015
  • Engineers ruler (width 10, 20, 30, ...60th inches scales), FO 3015
  • Field clothes and boots
  • OPTIONAL - Loggers tape (100 ft. in tenths), Suunto Clinometer w/Topo and Percent Scale
  • OPTIONAL - Hard hat - your choice of style/color, FO 3012, FO 3015, & FO 4231

Suggested Equipment
cruising vest, clip board, insect repellant, poison oak/ ivy ointments /washes/preventatives, snake protection, metal clip board, protractor, paper, pencils, water canteen, and collapsible cup.

Equipment Supplier
Forestry Suppliers, Inc., Jackson, MS - 1-800-647-5368
Students may receive a 15% discount off the total order. Contact your forestry instructor for the discount key code.

Summer Field Program Registration

All forms are in Adobe pdf format. Each form has a Medical Information Sheet that must be completed along with the form.

Summer 2017 Summer Field Program General Information | 2017 Summer Field Program Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get an application form for the Summer Field Program?
Applications and information for the Summer Field Program can be obtained from Dr. Charles Sabatia at MSU. Transfer students may secure an application packet from the Forestry Instructor at the school they are currently attending. Submit an application and medical form to the College of Forest Resources Student Services Office. Transfer students must also apply for Admission to MSU. You can apply online at MSU Admissions. Students are not allowed to register for the Summer Field Program until their MSU Admission status is clear or contingent and immunization records are received.

Can I participate in Summer Field Program if I lack just one prerequisite course?
There are four courses that make up Summer Field Program. You must have the pre-requisite for each course to enroll in that course. You may enroll in part of Summer Field Program. See your advisor.

Do I have to pre-register for Summer Field Program?
Yes. You must pre-register for Summer Field Program during the Spring pre-registration process. You must also submit a Summer Field Program Application and medical form to the College of Forest Resources Student Services Office by March 31. This ensures a review of your application in a timely manner and allows problems to be resolved. Transfer students are strongly encouraged to apply for Admission to MSU by March 1, and to contact the College of Forest Resources Student Services Office for a pre-registration appointment.

What are the dates of Summer Field Program?
Summer Field Program dates can be found on the Course Dates section.

How much is Summer Field Program?
Costs of the Summer Field Program can be found in the Estimated Costs Link, in the application packet at Community Colleges and can also be found on the Information Sheet available in the Student Lounge.

What equipment do I need for Summer Field Program?
The list of equipment for Summer Field Program is listed on the Equipment Needed section of this page.

Where can I live during the Summer Field Program?
Housing is available on campus in residence halls or in Starkville. Students can contact MSU Housing at Identify that you are attending the Summer Field Program.

Contact Information

Lanna Miller
College of Forest Resources Student Services Office
Box 9680
Mississippi State, MS 39762
Fax: 662-325-1612

Charles Sabatia
Department of Forestry
Box 9681
Mississippi State, MS 39762
Fax: 662-325-8726