Student Scholarships

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Students may apply for university, college and departmental scholarships through one application. You can find the scholarship application once you logon to myState. Under the banner tab, select Financial Aid and Scholarships. The application is listed as Submit/Revise General Scholarship Application.

Freshmen-only scholarships: Priority date for application is December 1.

All other students: Scholarship application close date is March 1.

New freshmen and transfer students who need information should contact Cory Bailey. All other students should contact Lanna Miller, Office of Student Services at 662.325.9376.

Alpha Gamma Rho

Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity at Mississippi State University is awarding a $1000 scholarship to any deserving man or woman who is planning to enroll at Mississippi State. Being a member or becoming a member is not required to be eligible for the scholarship. This scholarship is not awarded through CFR. Apply Online.

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Boyd Burrow Greater Jackson Chapter National Wild Turkey Federation Endowed Scholarship.

Established by the Greater Jackson Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation in memory of Boyd Burrow, a long-time member and passionate turkey hunter, this scholarship is for sophomores, juniors, or seniors enrolled in the College of Forest Resources. Students must demonstrate acceptable academic achievement and show promise of an outstanding career in Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries or Forest Products.

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College of Forest Resources Dean's Scholar Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to entering freshmen students who exhibit academic achievement and outstanding performance in high school. Recipients of this scholarship must maintain a 3.0 minimum GPA and complete 30 academic hours each year.

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Durward B. and Georgene Dunn Endowed Scholarship

Established in memory of their grandchild, Georgene Elizabeth Grand, the scholarships are awarded on an annual basis.

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Fox Haas Mossy Oak Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established to honor the exceptional life and career of Mr. Fox Haas of West Point, MS. Both undergraduate or graduate students are eligible for this scholarship.

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H.K. and J.K. Holloway Memorial Scholarship

Funded by the Holloway family in honor of H.K. and J.K. Holloway. This scholarship is awarded to a student, with priority given to entering freshmen, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

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Hood Industries Linear Programming Scholarship

Established by Hood Industries Inc. This scholarship is awarded to students studying linear programming. (GRADUATE)

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Illahee Tree Farm Scholarship

Established by Mr. And Mrs. Ted Plair to fund programs that ensure Mississippians realize the full range of benefits available from their natural resources. This scholarship is awarded to incoming students.

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J. S. Therrell Scholarship in Forest Resources

Supported by income from funds donated by J. S. Therrell; awarded to a student in the College of Forest Resources on the basis of potential for leadership and academic excellence, with consideration given to potential to reflect favorably on the University in his or her professional career.

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Rankin County Forestry Association Endowed Scholarship

Funded by the Rankin County Forestry Association. This scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student who participates in extracurricular and community activities, a 2.5 minimum overall GPA and 3.0 minimum GPA is his/her major courses. Preference is given to students from Rankin County or who have close ties to Rankin County. Applicants should submit a short statement describing their connection to Rankin County and why they would be a good candidate as well as two letters of recommendation on citizen and leadership qualities.

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Skip and Julie McCollough Scholarship

Established by Skip and Julie McCollough, owners of South Mississippi Forest Products. This scholarship is awarded to junior or senior students on the basis of acceptable academic achievement, promise of an outstanding career and financial need which will be given priority.

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The South Mississippi Forest Products Annual Scholarship

Established by Skip and Julie McCollough, owners of South Mississippi Forest Products, a company that buys timber and provides timber management assistance to private landowners throughout South Mississippi. This scholarship is awarded to a junior or senior student on the basis of acceptable academic achievement, promise of an outstanding career and financial need, which is given priority.

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Warren and Elsie Hood Endowed Scholarship in Forest Resources

Funded by interest from a gift donated by Warren and Elsie Hood. Candidates must be full time students at Mississippi State University enrolled in a major of the College of Forest Resources, who have demonstrated academic achievement, leadership ability, and financial need.

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William H. Ward, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Established by Pamela S. Ward. This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students with a 2.5 minimum GPA.

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