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Vision Statement


We promote, support, and enable the management, conservation, and utilization of forest and other natural resources to benefit the stakeholders of Mississippi, the Nation, and the world. As a comprehensive and diverse community of learning, research, extension/outreach, and service we continually strive to collaborate and share ideas and applications as a synergistic collectivity with the highest of professional and ethical standards. We provide our students, citizens of the State, and other stakeholders with opportunities to discover knowledge and develop skills needed for productive and satisfying lives. Through our activities, and those of our graduates, we aim to improve and sustain economic, social, and environmental well-being.

To accomplish this vision, we will ensure:

  • A scholarly environment that fully integrates our teaching, research, extension/outreach, and service missions
  • Superior administrative support − particularly in the arena of grantsmanship − to enable and equip faculty to develop aggressive, innovative, and renowned programs
  • Interdisciplinary projects, which incorporate expertise among our departments as well as with external entities
  • Research programs to address current problems and challenges in natural resources, while also recognizing the value of basic research
  • Proactive and innovative teaching, research, and extension/outreach programs that balance the needs of Mississippians with those of the larger regional, national, and international communities
  • Excellence in graduate education through aggressive recruitment of outstanding students, renowned research projects, engaged faculty advisors, and career placement
  • An atmosphere of academic freedom for all faculty
  • An academic environment focused on discovery, problem-solving, critical thinking, and life-long learning
  • Aggressive pursuit of extramural funding from a variety of sources, recognizing the value of funding, support, and partnerships with a diversity of external organizations, agencies, and governments
  • Strong and positive relationships among instructors and students, including undergraduate, graduate, and off-campus learners
  • Continuous improvement of our teaching programs through feedback from administrators, peers, students, alumni, and other stakeholders
  • Recognition of the value of scholarship that provides a diversity of outputs useful to all our stakeholders, including quality publications and products in a variety of outlets
  • An environment that encourages faculty and staff to continuously develop their professional skills and abilities through continuing education and other avenues
  • Undergraduate involvement in research and internships to provide students ample and diverse opportunities to engage with the natural resources profession
  • Aggressive programs to recruit and retain high quality undergraduate and graduate students
  • The best possible learning environments, which incorporate the best of technology-based delivery and traditional hands-on approaches

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