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Bottomland hardwood ecosystems are profoundly important ecologically, economically, and socially. Bottomland hardwood systems have been managed within public lands, using a variety of protocols, for quite some time. Private non-industrial landowners are greatly interested in effective management of their bottomland hardwood resources, for timber and wildlife values. There have been numerous tools developed to manage bottomland hardwood systems for a diversity of products, and one technique, titled Desired Forest Conditions, has recently received regional attention. Regrettably, there exists much concern about the goals and outputs of traditional versus the DFC management systems. The goal of this symposium is to assemble scientists and managers of bottomland hardwood systems and ascertain the current state of knowledge on this topic. Additionally, research knowledge gaps will be identified and future research needs will be determined to ensure that landowners have sufficient knowledge to make decisions regarding which management actions are appropriate for their land resources.

April 17-18, 2013
Mississippi State University
Delta Research & Extension Conference Center, Stoneville, MS

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