Undergraduate Programs

Wildlife Undergraduate Programs


Wildlife, Fisheries & Aquaculture

  • Conservation Law Enforcement

    Students who wish to seek immediate employment following receipt of a bachelor of science degree and to obtain positions related to natural resource law enforcement positions such as conservation officers, park rangers, and wildlife inspectors should select this concentration.
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  • Human-Wildlife Interactions

    This curriculum provides the educational background for those students wishing to pursue a career as wildlife biologists with a strong background in wildlife damage management to resolve human-wildlife interactions.

  • Wildlife, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science

    Students who complete this concentration are eligible for certification by The Wildlife Society but are not qualified to become Registered Foresters in Mississippi. This degree is intended for serious, academically strong students who can maintain an A-B grade record (GPA > 3.00), which is the minimum required for admittance into graduate degree programs.

  • Wildlife Pre-Veterinary 3+1

    Integration of wildlife science and management and veterinary medicine has become increasingly important as wildlife habitats dwindle and animal populations become more compressed.

  • Wildlife Agriculture Conservation

    This curriculum provides the educational background for students pursuing careers as wildlife biologists or conservationists in agricultural areas, which requires a strong background in both wildlife biology and agricultural science.

  • Wildlife Pre-Veterinary

    This curriculum satisfies the academic requirements of The Wildlife Society Wildlife Certification.