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Measurements and Spatial Technologies Laboratory

Formerly known as the Spatial Information Technologies Laboratory (SITL), the Measurements and Spatial Technologies Laboratory (MSTL) as undergone extensive renovation to better serve the needs of faculty, staff and students in the College of Forest Resources/Forest and Wildlife Research Center (CFR/FWRC). This facility continues the commitment to excellence in teaching and research in measurement and spatial technologies used for natural resource assessment and monitoring. The MSTL houses both Unix and PC servers and workstations that provide measurements and spatial technologies software (GIS, image analysis, statistics, modeling) for a broad range of applications. It also maintains an extensive collection of geospatial (imagery and GIS) and natural resource inventory data for use in both teaching and research in the CFR/FWRC.

MSTL affiliated faculty, staff and students are involved in a wide variety of research projects in topical areas such as: forest inventory, forest/tree growth and yield modeling, forest health, invasive species, and wildlife habitat assessments. Much of this research enhances support of resident instruction in the Department of Forestry. Courses offered in measurements and spatial technologies include: Forest Measurements, Forest Description and Analysis, Computer Applications for Forest Resources, Forest Biometrics, Spatial Technologies for Natural Resource Management, Remote Sensing Applications, and GIS for Natural Resource Management. Graduate level courses are also offered in Advanced Spatial Technologies, Advanced Forest Inventory, Quantitative Ecology, Spatial Statistics for Natural Resources, and special problems in measurements and spatial technologies. Graduate programs are offered that lead to Masters and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Forestry with concentration in forest measurements, biometrics and spatial technologies and modeling.

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