Student Success

BORF Exam Results

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Graduating Senior Employment

In the past five years, the employment rate for graduating seniors in Forestry has ranged from 92% to 96%. Those remaining students were quickly employed—they simply had not decided on a job at the time they left campus. Since 2016, a number of Forestry students had permanent jobs after summer employment between their junior and senior years. They had only to complete their senior year, graduate, and go to the position waiting for them.

Students graduating with a degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (NREC) have had a job or graduate or law school placement rate of 86% as of the spring of 2019.

Graduate School or Law School

In the past five years, all graduating Forestry seniors have been accepted into the graduate program or law school to which they applied (100% success). The number desiring to go to law school is lower (n=2), however all of these metrics were indicative of the quality of the undergraduate educational program and quality of the students.

Students graduating from the NREC program that have applied to law school (n=2) were admitted (100% success).

Starting Salaries

College | Average Salary | Salary Count
Bagley College of Engineering | 60,167 | 193
Forest Resources | 45,860 | 15
Business and Industry | 43,563 | 128
Architecture, Art & Design | 40,943 | 13
Arts and Sciences | 39,881 | 62
Agriculture and Life Sciences | 38,124 | 51
Education | 37,310 | 96
Veterinary Medicine | 32,413 | 6
All Colleges | 47,138 | 559

Other Accolades

The SAF Student Chapter has been ranked as one of the top three student chapters in the nation for the last 20 consecutive years. Recently, the Chapter won the quiz bowl in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the National Convention. In addition, almost all of the students who were recognized with the “Student Leadership Recognition Program in the College of Forest Resources” award at the CFR Student Awards Banquet were also SAF Student Chapter members.

A key faculty committee, the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee has student representation. This includes two students from Forestry and two from NREC. Starting next year, the Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award will also be given to an undergraduate in the NREC major together with the current award for Forestry majors.