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Any undergraduate student in the College of Forest Resources may apply for an internship for credit. Students who have an open elective may use the internship course as a part of their program. In addition, full semester internships will only be eligible for three credits, given that other requirements are met. Students can only receive credit for one internship during their undergraduate program.

Students are also required to
  • Be juniors or seniors
  • Have an overall GPA of at least 2.50
  • Apply at least two weeks prior to the pre-registration period of the semester
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Forester Alabama 2/18/2021 +

Categorized Under:

Organization:McKinley and Lanier Forest Resources, Inc.

Location:Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Job Description:

Employer Information: We are a private forestry consulting firm that manages timberland for non-industrial private landowners and provides contract services to timber companies, REITs, TIMOs, and institutional landowners. Our core operating area is West Central Alabama, but we occasionally work on projects all over the southeastern United States. See our website for more details about the history of our firm and what we do.


Current Position Opening: Full-Time Forester or Forest Technician


Description: Foresters/Technicians will engage in field and administrative work associated with managing private forestland and carrying out contract forestry services.


Primary Duties: Timber Inventory (timber cruising) using TwoDog and TCruise software, SMZ/timber harvest boundary marking and GPS collection using SoloField software, tree planting and seedling survival audits, prescribed burning, timber harvesting inspections, general property inspections, mapping and database management using ESRI ArcMap software.


Secondary Duties: Assisting in forest management plan development and implementation, assisting in developing silvicultural prescriptions, meeting with landowners, timber buyers, and vendors on site to facilitate business operations. Assisting with bidding and contracts associated with all activities listed above.

Applicants must be willing to relocate to the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area. Work travel and long hours are also required on occasion. 


Required Education:

A degree from an
accredited institution in Forestry, Forest Management, or field of study that
requires coursework in Dendrology, Silviculture, and Forest Measurements. 2
year degrees are required for Technicians and 4 year degrees are required for
Foresters.  Foresters must be able to
become registered in the state of Alabama once Board requirements are met.

Required Experience:

Work experience in the field of Forestry is beneficial, but not required. Experience with forestry software mentioned above as well as experience with Trimble Nomad data collectors is also preferred but not required. Employees must demonstrate an ability to use Microsoft Windows operating system and basic Microsoft Office products.


Prospective employees must
be self-motivated and have the ability to work independently, often in remote
rural areas and in adverse conditions. They must also be physically fit and able
to safely, efficiently, and effectively carry out work duties in rugged terrain
and harsh weather conditions. They must be able to safely operate 4 wheel drive
vehicles in off-road situations and safely load/unload and operate ATV’s. They
must also be able to safely use self-recovery winches, hand tools, and forestry
tools, and effectively navigate new and unknown regions, landscapes, and
properties. They must be able to maintain and keep up with company equipment. Prospective
employees must have good oral and written communication skills, and good
organization skills. They must be honest and have a good work ethic. Required production
goals will be established and monitored.


Salary is commensurate with
education and experience, but is competitive with the industry. Employees
receive health and dental insurance, and 401K with company matching after 1
year of employment. Employees are provided with a company vehicle. All work and
travel expenses are covered by the company. Paid vacation
and sick leave is provided.

Apply By:3/15/2021



3610 Watermelon Road

Suite #105

Northport, Al 35473

Posted By: Bruce Lanier

Forestry Technician Mississippi 2/12/2021 +

Categorized Under:

Organization:National Forests in Mississippi

Location:Potts Camp, Mississippi

Job Description:

The National Forests in Mississippi will soon be filling a (1) GS-0462-06/07 Forestry Technician (Zone Lead Forestry Technician - Timber Sale Prep) for the Holly Springs and Tombigbee Ranger Districts. This position is a permanent full-time position with the duty station at Potts Camp, Mississippi. This notification is being circulated to inform prospective applicants of this upcoming opportunity.

The National Forests in Mississippi is looking for a hardworking, team-oriented individual who has a love for working outdoors and improving the quality and management of the natural resources. This position will lead a team of other forestry technicians working in timber sale preparation to implement the timber sale program on both the Holly Springs and Tombigbee Ranger Districts. The position will be directly supervised by the TMA/FSR on the Holly Springs Ranger District. When not working on timber sales preparation, this position will join in with other resource area employees to accomplish important work for the improvement or protection of the natural resources.

POSITION INFORMATION: Major duties of this position are to support the mission of the Forest Service through applying approved silvicultural prescriptions. Duties would include activities such as: 

  • Interprets complex silvicultural prescriptions and marking guides to designate harvest timber. Brings to the attention of responsible individuals situations on the ground which are inconsistent with the prescription or marking guide.
  • Develops and drafts timber cruise plans. Applies instructions issued in a cruise plan. Provides field instruction to apprentice cruisers in fundamental timber measuring practices, cruise methods, and techniques.
  • Interprets computer output reports, tables, and statistics to provide quantity and quality estimates of timber products.
  • Lays out timber sale boundaries in accordance with environmental assessments and other instruction, considering factors such as transportation system, topography, fuels management, silvicultural objectives, wildlife needs, stream protection and other related resource considerations. Determines acreage by traverse, map or aerial photograph methods, or Global Positioning System (GPS).
  • Writes reports describing timber sale, resource, topographic features, and compliance of timber marking with guidelines. Interprets aerial photographs for information such as road locations, sale boundaries, survey monuments, and other features.
  • Provides technical assistance to specialists in the development of complex logging plans and preliminary road location.
  • Performs other multifunctional work, as assigned, in other areas of resource management such as wildlife, recreation, visuals, resource planning, and fire management.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Leads a team of employees performing work up to the GS-06 level.

The Holly Springs and Tombigbee Ranger Districts on the National Forests in Mississippi currently share and zone all of their resources across district boundaries. The incumbent will serve on several teams that work to advance goals across all National Forests in Mississippi; therefore, work will include working across program areas and district boundaries, working in all resource areas, and some weekend work.

Follow this link to view an outreach video that will give you a quick look at the National Forests in Mississippi, who we are and some of the exciting work we are doing:

The Holly Springs and Tombigbee work together as one team to advance the mission of the Forest Service through their contributions for the National Forests in Mississippi. All employees work in concert as evident from their strong work relationships, safety and caring, high level of communication, helpful spirit of service, and drive to achieve excellent results.

The Holly Springs Ranger District is located in the north-central part of Mississippi and is approximately 157,000 acres. Soils are moderately to highly erosive, with a number of areas where gullies occurred prior to the establishment of the national forest. The Holly Springs Ranger District has 12 ecological community types. The district program management emphasis is on enhancement of forest health to achieve desired structural conditions for ecological systems. Conversion of off-site species to shortleaf pine-oak forest and hardwood dominated forests is another important aspect of the program. There are two developed recreation sites, a horseback riding trail, a couple of hiking trails, a wildlife management area and 33 small lakes scatter across the district.

The Tombigbee Ranger District is located in northeast Mississippi and encompasses approximately 67,000 acres. This national forest is made up of old farmland that was abandoned and replanted to trees. The Natchez Trace crosses a portion of the Tombigbee Ranger District, making it easily accessible from the north and south. Soils are fragile and erosive with many gullied areas. The Tombigbee geographic area has 12 ecological community types. Loblolly pine and northern dry upland hardwood forest are the prevalent forest types. The Tombigbee Ranger District is primarily managed for forest health and restoration of desired structural condition. The district has several examples of the black belt calcareous prairie and woodland ecological systems, which are in need of restoration. There is an extensive recreation program and public use, with two large campgrounds, trails for all types of uses; including ATV, horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking, and two wildlife management areas.

Team members are directly responsible for the management of the resources, goods, and services on these 224,000 acres of National Forest System lands in northern Mississippi.

The duty station of this position is located at the Work Center in Potts Camp, MS, a small town located in north-central Mississippi. The town of Potts Camp, MS is in Marshall County and has a population of approximately 525. Housing and services are limited but are available with a public school, churches, and shops. Average housing cost for purchase is $77,800. The town holds the charm and warmth of a small community. Potts Camp sits just off of US-78, which provides easy travel to larger towns in the area.

The town of Holly Springs, MS is just 12 miles from Potts Camp and is the county seat of Marshall County. This town has a population of 7,700 and provides a much wider range of housing, shopping, and restaurant opportunities. The average housing cost for purchase is $90,000. There are a variety of churches available, as well as schools including both public and private academies. Holly Springs is home to Rust College. New Albany, MS is only 23 miles away and has a population of 8,000. This town provides a greater range of housing, shopping, and restaurant opportunities. Average housing costs are $87,800. There are a variety of churches available, as well as schools including both public and private academies.

US-78 provides quick access to the large metropolitan areas of Tupelo, MS (50 miles) and Memphis, TN (60 miles). Oxford, MS, home to the University of Mississippi, is 40 miles away. Oxford, Tupelo, and Memphis all provide large medical care complexes within the area.

Mississippi summers are hot and humid with an average high temperature of 88 degrees. Winters are mild with an average low temperature of 30 degrees and occasional freeze or snowfall. There are no government provided day care facilities or government housing in the area.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION regarding the position contact Buddy Lowrey, Oxford, MS 662-236-6550 ext. 227 or by email address:

Apply By:3/11/2021

Posted By: KBrasher

Forestry Technician Mississippi 2/12/2021 +

Categorized Under:

Organization:National Forests in Mississippi

Location:Meadville, Mississippi

Job Description:

The National Forests in Mississippi will soon be filling a GS-0462-05/06/07 Forestry Technician for the Homochitto Ranger District. This vacancy is a permanent full-time position with an official duty station located in Meadville, Mississippi. This notification is circulated to inform prospective applicants of this upcoming opportunity.

POSITION INFORMATION: This permanent, full-time position is located on the Homochitto National Forest in Meadville, MS. This position will serve as a Forestry Technician and may be assigned a variety of complex and/or recurring technical duties as an individual or as a crew member in support of the unit’s various natural resource management program areas. This position could be filled at either pay grade. If hired at the GS-05 pay grade, the successfully hired candidate can be promoted without further competition to the GS-07 pay grade once meeting the GS-07 pay grade minimum requirements, a minimum of a fully successful performance evaluation, and at the discretion of the supervisor and Staff Officer. This outreach notice is being circulated to inform prospective applicants of the upcoming opportunity and to identify the level of interest in this position.

The incumbent will serve on several teams that work to advance goals across all National Forests in Mississippi; therefore, work will include working across program areas and District boundaries, working in all resource areas, and some weekend work.

Major Duties: This position performs a variety of routine and frequently complex tasks involving techniques and practices relating to natural resources management programs, (i.e., timber and silviculture, recreation, wildlife, range, and fire and fuels management). Successful accomplishment of the following assignments support field projects and program planning activities for the unit:

  • Recreation: Assures recreation areas are maintained in accordance with standards and reports on condition of area. Makes group and individual contacts in providing forest recreation information and answering questions about recreation management on the unit. Provides specific information concerning camping or swimming and other area regulations such as fire, safety and sanitation. Notifies visitors of violations and potential violations.
  • Wildlife: Makes wildlife and fish habitat surveys and implements coordination measure such as marking key areas. Performs independently, or as leader of a small project crew in construction or completing wildlife habitat improvement projects such as water developments, fish attractors, or clearing and planting site preparation areas for establishment of more desirable food or cover and other similar tasks. Participates in plant control or type conversion by flagging boundaries, operating equipment, carrying out kill studies, or reseeding.
  • Roads: Works with the districts engineering technician to compile road inventory data, road and facility maintenance, and assistance with various project contracts.
  • Timber: Performs timber marking, cruising and scaling of forest products, planting, site preparation, and timber land improvement projects. Collects, summarizes and prepares requested timber reports and maps which provide information in planting units concerning topography, livestock trespass, invasive species and general conditions of the area.
  • Vegetation: Participates in noxious plant control, seeding, or similar projects by flagging boundaries, operating equipment, and carrying out kill studies. Identifies plant specimens in the field and collects and prepares specimens. Identifies plants and noxious weeds and determines how they grow. Applies the proper chemicals to control noxious weeds. Uses botanical key to identify plants encountered during field trips or surveys of forest and range areas. Compiles and summarizes the vegetation types obtained from ground surveys including forest health monitoring, biological evaluations, and range surveys. Layout of experimental plots by taking measurements and marking corners and boundaries.
  • Fire and Fuels: Executes fuel treatment plans, slash hazard appraisals and hazard reduction plans. Records fuel treatment activity records for required reports and final project completion. Operates motor vehicles and equipment in support of fire suppression activities.

DISTRICT INFORMATION The Homochitto Ranger District is approximately 191,000 acres in size. Its location, near the Mississippi River bluffs, provides the District with a heavily dissected landform and soils with a loess cap influence. The result is a very wide variety of sites and species ranging from longleaf pine ridges to upland hardwoods. The District is well drained; however, wetlands with standing water are not uncommon along the Homochitto River drainage.

The District organization is comprised of approximately 27 permanent, full-time positions, with several students and volunteers working through the year. The Homochitto has one of the largest combined programs in the nation. Highlights include:

  • Vegetation Management: Our vegetation management program produces approximately 25 million board feet (MMBF) annually. Hand and herbicide techniques are the primary means of reforestation and timber stand improvement. We are actively restoring longleaf pine to appropriate sites. We maintain more than 30,000 acres of mixed pine/hardwood and have large blocks of land designated for southern hardwood management. Forest health treatments are a primary focus with thinnings being conducted on approximately 2,500 acres annually. .
  • Endangered Species: The red-cockaded woodpecker is our only known resident endangered species. We lead the western Gulf region with the implementation of landscape level habitat restoration. Since the early 1990’s, we have gone from 18 to about 198 active clusters.
  • Fire: Fire is considered an ecosystem component rather than a periodic treatment. The District program uses prescribed fire on approximately 30,000 acres annually to maintain pyrotypic communities and treat hazardous fuels. The District also has an active wildfire suppression and education program.
  • Recreation: The Homochitto district has 2 developed recreational sites. The Okhissa lake Recreation Area has within it an approximate 1,077 acre lake and about 47 miles of shoreline. It currently has two 2-lane boat launches, bathroom facilities, 2 day use picnic areas, and a swim area. Clear Springs Recreation area is a very active developed campground and day use site built around an old CCC camp and a 12 acre lake containing 22 campsites. Other recreational opportunities include a 10 mile mountain bike trail on Richardson Creek, a horse back trail on Brushy creek and the Woodman Springs Shooting range. The Homochitto provides some of the best hunting and fishing in the South. Whitetail deer and wild turkey are plentiful and Okhissa Lake is stocked with an abundance of bluegill, red ear, channel catfish, largemouth bass and crappie.
  • Education: Through its archaeological, wildlife, recreation, and fire programs, the Homochitto Ranger District has an energetic program of educational outreach to schools, volunteer groups, and clubs across southwest Mississippi. The District also participates in field days, science fairs, and other aspects of local community life.

COMMUNITY INFORMATION The District encompasses land in 7 counties in Southwest Mississippi. The headquarters are located in Franklin County in Meadville, MS. Meadville is approximately 30 miles east of Natchez, Mississippi, and the Mississippi River; approximately 30 miles northwest of McComb, Mississippi; and approximately 28 miles west of Brookhaven, Mississippi. Each of these communities has populations of approximately 15,000 to 20,000 people. The state capitol of Mississippi, Jackson, is approximately 90 miles to the north. Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s State Capitol, is approximately 90 miles to the south. New Orleans is approximately 120 miles to the south.

The Meadville area has a population of approximately 1,250 people with an estimated 8,000 people living in Franklin County. The annual mean temperature is 66 degrees with rainfall of approximately 70 inches.

The Franklin County Women's Club, Pine Burr Garden Club, National Wild Turkey Federation, Lions Club, Franklin Forestry Association, Daughters of American Revolution, and the Chamber of Commerce are active social clubs in the area.

Franklin County has an upper and lower elementary school and one high school, 1 hospital, 2 medical clinics, and two banks. There is also a wide range of church denominations in the local area. There are grocery, hardware, and drug stores located in the town. There is also a public library and a few food places. Private housing opportunities are typically reasonable for this region.

Franklin County is governed by a five-member board of supervisors. The towns of Meadville and Bude are governed by a mayor/alderman form of government. The towns have police departments and volunteer fire departments. The area is served by one local newspaper. The Franklin Advocate is published weekly in Meadville. Daily newspapers from Brookhaven, McComb, Natchez, and Jackson, Mississippi, also serve the area.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION regarding the position contact: Michael Everett, ORA,, (601) 384-5876 x 164.

Apply By:2/28/2021

Posted By: KBrasher

Farm Bill Forester Tennessee 2/11/2021 +

Categorized Under:

Organization:Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever

Job Description:

Application Deadline: March 3, 2021

Anticipated Start Date: March 2021 (negotiable)

Overview: This position was developed through a partnership among and with support from Quail Forever, The Southeastern Grasslands Initiative (SGI), and The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) with funding provided by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s (NFWF) Cumberland Plateau Stewardship Fund. It is a full-time position hosted by Quail Forever. Funding has been secured for 3 years, with intent to renew. The position will be headquartered with permanent office space in the Sparta, Tennessee, NRCS Service Center with frequent travel throughout the Cumberland Plateau region of Tennessee.


  • Provide verbal, written and on-site technical assistance (forestry with a strong savanna and woodland ecological focus) to interested private landowners.
  • Coordinate the implementation and application of select Farm Bill practices in cooperation with the local NRCS District Conservationist, NRCS Area Biologist, TWRA Private Lands Biologist, PF/QF staff, SGI staff, TN Division of Forestry, and others.
  • Complete forestry and wildlife conservation plans, contracts, applications, and other required documentation for conservation programs (i.e. EQIP, CSP, CRP, etc.) requiring forestry expertise in cooperation with the listed partners.
  • Communicate program requirements, develop technical assistance plans for applicants enrolling in USDA conservation programs or other state and local conservation programs, complete site visits to determine eligibility, develop contracts and assist with implementation of planned practices.
  • Coordinate habitat project implementation with private landowners and partner agencies.
  • Write and review prescribed burn plans, forest management plans, etc. and coordinate prescribed burn implementation on private lands.
  • Conduct landowner and industry outreach to promote conservation program opportunities and training/education on best management practices. Specifically conduct habitat tours, landowner workshops, demonstrations of management techniques, and other educational events. Also work with partners to utilize social media and other virtual platforms for program promotion and technical assistance.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with landowners and partner agencies.
  • Ability to work independently with little supervision and with diverse clientele.
  • Knowledge of silviculture, forest management treatments, wildlife ecology, and grassland management, including the ability to utilize various habitat management tools in the development of habitat management plans.
  • Knowledge of conservation and wildlife programs provided by Federal (i.e. Farm Bill), state, and local agencies, and NGOs; Also, knowledge of how these programs are implemented in a forested landscape and local timber markets.
  • Familiarity with Cumberland Plateau Ecoregion flora, fauna, and overall ecology.
  • Excellent verbal/written communication and organizational skills.
  • Valid driver’s license and personal vehicle required (mileage reimbursement provided).
  • Able to obtain USDA Clearance and NRCS Conservation Planning certification.

Training and Experience Guideline: Any combination of training and/or experience that will enable the applicant to possess the required knowledge, skills and abilities. Minimum qualification for this position is a Bachelor of Science Degree in Forestry, Wildlife Management, or closely related natural resources field and related field/work experience. Proven experience working with USDA Farm Bill programs is a plus. The ideal candidate will exhibit a balance of technical knowledge and interpersonal skills required to implement voluntary conservation programs on private lands. Practical and/or professional experience with prescribed fire and forest management is preferred. The successful applicant must enjoy working with private landowners and producers to achieve their objectives.

Starting Salary Range: $42,000 to $48,000, commensurate with Qualifications and Experience + Benefits.

Application Requirements: Combine your cover letter, resume, and 3 references into a single Word document or PDF file before uploading to our Recruitment website at:

For More Information: Brittney Viers, Coordinating Biologist for Quail Forever and Southeastern Grasslands Initiative at or 731-358-1860.

Pheasants Forever Inc. & Quail Forever are an EEO Employer/Vet/Disabled.

Additional Background and Justification: The greatest threat to the terrestrial biodiversity in eastern North America is arguably the loss of southeastern U.S. grasslands (used in broad context that includes savannas, prairies, glades, barrens, open wetlands) and related open grassy woodland ecosystems. Throughout the Southeast, centuries of agricultural conversion, fire suppression, wetland alteration, and development have led to the collapse of savannas, prairies, meadows, glades, barrens, and other naturally open habitats. This loss has resulted in profound declines in key species groups, such as pollinators and birds, many of which depend on grassland flora and habitat structure. The Cumberland Plateau Ecoregion of Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee is one of the more notable areas of the southeastern U.S. that once supported extensive pine-oak savannas and open woodlands. Vast fire suppression in the 20th century, combined with extensive depletion of the shortleaf pines of the historical savannas, led to replacement of the once widespread savannas with oak-hickory-hardwood dominated closed-canopy forests by mid-20th century. It is estimated that more than 99 percent of the native savanna of the Plateau has been lost or degraded. Furthermore, a large percentage of the less than one percent that remains is confined to powerline corridors and roadsides. This region has long been considered one of the most important forested regions in North America and is recognized as a center of endemism for plants. In the last 25 years, the only known occurrences of nearly half of the 40 rare sun-loving plant species known from the Tennessee portion of the Plateau surface have become considered historical, and several other species are on the brink of disappearing. The grasslands of the Plateau have largely gone under-appreciated or ignored until recently in favor of recognition of a closed- to semi-closed canopy forest and woodland system. The emphasis on forests, and the corresponding lack of management, places many of the rare species of the Cumberland Plateau (such as pollinators, grassland birds, small mammals, some reptiles, and dozens of plants) at risk of being lost or driven to extinction as the open grassy landscapes they need continues to disappear. New research funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) and led by The Nature Conservancy in Tennessee to map the vegetation of the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee, suggests that 40 percent or 1.9 million acres of the Plateau should exist as shortleaf pine-oak savanna and woodland, lending science-based support to the recognition of the need to restore much more savanna, open woodland, and other grassland habitat.

Fortunately, since the 1990s, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) has been spearheading efforts to restore shortleaf pine savanna at Catoosa Wildlife Management Area and the Bridgestone-Firestone Centennial Wilderness. We seek to continue the momentum gained on public lands on the private landscape especially since the majority of the Cumberland Plateau is in private ownership. With the support from partner agencies and organizations like the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), TWRA, and the Southeastern Grasslands Initiative (SGI), we will achieve shortleaf pine and shortleaf pine-oak savanna/woodland restoration and re-establishment where needed. The Cumberland Plateau Coordinating Forester will focus on education, outreach, conservation technical assistance, and Farm Bill program assistance targeting private landowners. These efforts will be crucial in recruiting landowners to implement the conservation practices needed to bring back the Cumberland Plateau’s imperiled grassland habitats. Landowner workshops will be conducted to encourage Farm Bill program participation, which will provide financial assistance needed to either plant or restore existing shortleaf pine ecosystems. If there is no targeted approach to restore grasslands within the Cumberland Plateau, many species will continue to decline and possibly become extirpated from this unique ecoregion. However, with the help of the Cumberland Plateau Stewardship Fund, we have the opportunity to reverse these species declines and make landscape scale improvements.

Apply By:3/3/2021

Posted By: Karen Brasher

Inventory Forester Multiple States 2/11/2021 +

Categorized Under:

Organization:Green Diamond Management Company

Job Description:


This position could be located in Meridian, MS or Bogart, GA.

The Inventory Forester will support Twin Creeks Timber (TCT) timberlands by managing inventory data collection, supervision of spatial data maintenance and overseeing the maintenance of silvicultural and harvest records. This is a full-time position reporting to the Forest Resource Analyst and will be based out of the Southern Timberlands Office located in Athens, GA. This position supports inventory data collection by overseeing contract cruisers, contract check cruisers, and potentially interns. The Inventory and GIS Administrator will have the following functional responsibilities.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: (other duties may be assigned)


  • Assures a safe workplace.Takes personal initiative and responsibility to insure ongoing safe behaviors through implementation and active participation in the company safety program. Develops, implements, and facilitates safety elements to support the Divisions Injury and Illness Prevention Plan.

Inventory and Planning

  • Managing inventory data collection includes locating and negotiating with contractors, provide map packages and other administrative duties. Supervision of a check cruise program, which will require establishing an independent set of contractors to randomly check a percentage of inventory plots. The quality control program will also require field work insuring the quality control contractors are performing their duties.
  • Processing the quality control data and pay invoices upon completion of each inventory job. Once each inventory job is complete, process the inventory data and import it into the data management system. Perform analysis of results of each completed inventory job.
  • Seek to improve all phases of the inventory processes overtime.
  • Stay abreast of new technologies and processes related to inventory.
  • Assist Area Managers and Forest Resources Analyst in documenting a 3-4 year tactical harvest plan in data management system.
  • Run quarterly reports required for investor reporting.

Data Management

  • Establish and implement data quality control measures for the data management system.
  • Establish best practices for maintaining silviculture and harvest histories.
  • Assist in training foresters in the use of the data management system including best practices to ensure consistency in data maintenance.
  • Support spatial data maintenance though the collection and use of aerial and drone imagery.
  • Assist in establishing a consolidated timber typing system and provide ongoing field audits to ensure consistency across operating units.
  • Serve as liaison between vendor of the data management system and Green Diamond Management Company.

Acquisitions & Dispositions

  • Support the Acquisition Manager and Forest Resources Analyst as requested during acquisition due diligence including
  • Analysis and Review of Seller Inventory Data and identification of issues/limitations
  • Assistance with initial property review of potential acquisitions
  • Work with the Acquisition manager and team to design of field process to validation of seller’s inventory data and/or new inventories for improved valuation
  • Administration of inventory verification processes
  • Analysis of field recon/inventory results
  • Leading process to transition data into data management system


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry or closely related field
  • 5 + years of overall experience in timber cruising, GIS, or forest management, with a minimum of 3 years of related experience in inventory management
  • Strong skills in Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, and Word)
  • Working knowledge of Arc GIS software
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft SQL
  • Working knowledge of statistics analysis and ability to process inventory data
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills including understanding business needs, generating alternatives and evaluating factors to select alternatives
  • Effective interpersonal skills and the ability to work with people at all levels of the organization
  • Ability to foster and support a diverse, ethical and respectful workplace
  • Ability to share knowledge and participate in coaching and mentoring others
  • Ability to be adaptable, tolerant of ambiguities and open to change
  • Ability to listen and gain an understanding of others’ ideas
  • Demonstrated self-starter – takes on and completes work without prompting
  • Exhibit high professional and ethical standards in all business practices


  • Advanced degree (MS) in Forestry or Resource Management with emphasis on quantification
  • Supervisory experience
  • Field experience in the wood products industry
  • Expert in forest mensuration skills
  • Proven analytical ability


  • This position could be located in the Meridian, MS or Bogart, GA office.
  • Normal office environment with moderate noise levels, occasional lifting of up to 25 lbs., regular walking, sitting, bending, twisting, standing and reaching
  • Travel will require 6-8 overnight stays per month (post Coronavirus)
  • Regular trips into operations to meet with employees and verify data
  • Requires ability to drive and walk in forested areas, across uneven terrain, and unpaved roads
  • Requires ability to work alone in conducting field audits under varying weather conditions
  • Intermittent need to work in field for up to 8 hours traversing several miles on foot
  • Ability to perform consistent work on PC
  • This position is a Physical and Mental Requirement Classification 1.

Green Diamond is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer who values workplace diversity in a drug free work environment.

Required Education:


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry or closely related field


  • Advanced degree (MS) in Forestry or Resource Management with emphasis on quantification

Required Experience:


  • 5 + years of overall experience in timber cruising, GIS, or forest management, with a minimum of 3 years of related experience in inventory management


  • Supervisory experience

  • Field experience in the wood products industry

  • Expert in forest mensuration skills



  • Strong skills in Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, and Word)

  • Working knowledge of Arc GIS software

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft SQL

  • Working knowledge of statistics analysis and ability to process inventory data

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills including understanding business needs, generating alternatives and evaluating factors to select alternatives

  • Effective interpersonal skills and the ability to work with people at all levels of the organization

  • Ability to foster and support a diverse, ethical and respectful workplace

  • Ability to share knowledge and participate in coaching and mentoring others

  • Ability to be adaptable, tolerant of ambiguities and open to change

  • Ability to listen and gain an understanding of others’ ideas

  • Demonstrated self-starter – takes on and completes work without prompting

  • Exhibit high professional and ethical standards in all business practices


  • Expert in forest mensuration skills

  • Proven analytical ability



Apply By:3/12/2021

Posted By: Human Resources

Forestry Technician- Timber Cruising California 2/1/2021 +

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Location:Camptonville, California

Job Description:

ACE EPIC USFS (CA): Tahoe National Forest,

Forestry Technician - Timber Cruising

American Conservation Experience, a nonprofit Conservation Corps, in partnership with the Tahoe National Forest is seeking six Forestry Technicians. This opportunity is intended for enthusiastic professionals, with a deep interest in advancing their career goals in natural resource management and conservation.

The member will be part of a small marking crew performing a variety of timber sale preparation (TSP) duties that include—but are not limited to—timber marking, timber cruising, and sale layout as part of the forest health partnership.

Start Date: May

End Date: 25 weeks after start date

Location: Camptonville CA, Yuba River Ranger District&

The Tahoe National Forest is located in the northern Sierra Nevada (east of Sacramento) and extends from the foothills across the Sierra crest to the California state line. It includes over 850,000 acres of public land interspersed with 350,000 acres of private land in a checkerboard ownership pattern. Rivers, snow-capped peaks and dense forests offer outstanding recreation year-round. A complex set of ecosystems are found as the terrain ascends from 1,500 feet along the western boundary to over 9,000 feet along the crest. The forest provides a variety of resources and opportunities and is managed by the Forest Service.

Project Websites: For more information regarding Tahoe National Forest, please visit:

For more information regarding the ACE EPIC program, please visit:

Living Allowance: The members should anticipate serving 40 hours/wk and will receive a living allowance of $692/wk for food and incidentals, dispersed bi-weekly. 

Housing: Housing may be available at a daily rate of approximately $10-$20 per day.

Training Provided: Although some forestry related experience is desired, training in timber cruising and layout will be provided on the job.

Other Allowances: Boot and clothing allowance available.

Project Objectives

  • Either independently or with guidance, applies silvicultural prescriptions and marking guides to designate harvest timber.
  • Brings to the attention of responsible individuals, situations on the ground that are inconsistent with guidelines.
  • Either as a certified timber cruiser or under the supervision of a certified timber cruiser, applies the instructions issued in a cruise plan. Takes and records tree measurements, assesses quality, and determines defect. Prepares cruise data for processing.
  • Observes and reports areas of possible archeological significance, and sightings of sensitive, threatened or endangered wildlife species.
  • GPS’s harvest unit boundaries and determines site area.
  • Planning, decisions, and judgments made in this position affect long term timber management activities, other resources, and the forest health agreement/contract.
  • Accuracy of the work affects the quality of residual resource values such as timber stands, visual quality, water quality, and all resources related to timber harvest.


This opportunity is intended for enthusiastic professionals, with a deep interest in advancing their career goals in natural resource management and conservation. Applicants with a degree (M.S. or B.S) in Forestry or Environmental Science and an interest in a career in public lands management are strongly encouraged to apply. Resumes and cover letters must show detailed key project experiences.

Preferred Skills

  • Working knowledge of forest practices and techniques, including application of silvicultural prescriptions, aerial photographs, maps, environmental analysis reports, and like guides in order to independently select harvest timber in a variety of stand conditions
  • Working knowledge of measuring tree diameters and heights, map reading, compass use, tree species identification, obvious defect recognition and determination, GPSing, and the use of tools associated with timber cruising
  • Knowledge of regularly used timber cruise computer programs including data collection and processing 
  • Knowledge of other resource areas, such as wildlife management or archaeology, in order to recognize situations which require specific protection measures
  • The work is performed primarily in a field environment. Field work often requires moderate to strenuous physical exertion, including walking, bending, and climbing under adverse conditions for long periods of time
  • Work in the forest environment involves considerable risk of falls due to uneven terrain, risk of insect bites, contact with poisonous plants, etc. Work is conducted during conditions such as rain, snow, wind, dust, extreme heat and cold - hardhat, boots, gloves, and possibly other safety equipment are required


  • Ability to perform the essential duties of the position with or without reasonable accommodation
  • Proven ability to be both self-directed/work independently and be a positive, contributing member of a team
  • Must be able to communicate clearly and concisely with resource professionals
  • Proficient in English
  • U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • A valid driver's license and an insurable driving record (documentation to be provided upon request)
  • Ability to pass a federal criminal background check
  • ACE is a drug free workplace and reserves the right to drug test at any time
  • Members must be at least 21 to apply for any ACE position that requires or anticipates operation of agency or ACE vehicles for duties.
  • The member must be willing to represent ACE and the Forest Service in a professional, positive and enthusiastic manner.

To Apply:

Please submit a resume, cover letter, and 3 professional references using the APPLY NOW section located on the upper right hand corner of the position listing on our website here:


Early consideration will be given as applications are received. This position may close at any time. If you have any questions regarding this position, please feel free to contact ACE USFS Member Coordinator, Amanda McGarry, at

Apply By:5/5/2021


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Land Protection Manager - South Atlantic South Carolina 2/2/2021 +

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Organization:Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

Location:Hanahan, South Carolina

Job Description:

Ducks Unlimited, Inc. (DU), the world's leading waterfowl and wetlands conservation organization, and its supporting organization, Wetlands America Trust (WAT), one of the nation's largest accredited land trusts, are seeking qualified candidates for a Land Protection Manager to join a dynamic team of professionals and lead our land conservation program in the five-state South Atlantic region of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Do you have a passion for land protection and want to leave a lasting mark on conservation? If so, this is an exciting opportunity to lead a team of professionals working to protect lands across the Southeastern United States. You'll have an opportunity to grow this program and make the world a better, more sustainable place for future generations.

Our South Atlantic team is a great example of DU excellence in action with a bright future and experienced, diverse, dedicated, and passionate staff. We are seeking an experienced, forward-thinking individual to join this team and to grow and manage our diverse land protection program in the South Atlantic region where we have an easement portfolio in excess of 180,000 acres. This candidate will have the opportunity to lead a team of land protection staff working in collaboration with landowners and conservation partners on donated / bargain sale conservation easements and fee-title acquisitions throughout the region, and to develop and implement additional land protection strategies and opportunities, such as revolving lands, mitigation, eco-assets and land donations.

The successful candidate will serve as the primary contact for collaboration with state, federal, private and non-profit conservation partners on matters relating to land conservation. The Manager will provide for training and day to day guidance to lands program staff relative to land protection procedures and project delivery within the five state South Atlantic region. In addition, the successful candidate will serve an important role in a diverse field office team that develops and manages a comprehensive conservation program to maximize benefits for wetlands, wildlife and people. The position will cooperate and work closely with a diverse group of partners as well as DU conservation delivery and planning staff, fundraising and other regional and national lands program staff on a routine basis. This position provides a great opportunity to work with many private and public partners on diverse and complex land protection issues at a regional landscape scale and affords growth and success in leadership and career development. This position will be located at the South Atlantic Field Office in Hanahan, South Carolina and will report to the Director of Conservation Programs.


Required Education:

Bachelor's degree (advanced degrees such as MS or J.D. preferred, but not required) in applicable field.

Required Experience:

Minimum of three years of professional experience related to land use planning, and/or conservation lands transactions (both conservation easements and fee acquisitions); more experience strongly preferred. Must have the ability to work with diverse public and private interests. Background or competent knowledge in land use planning, real estate and conservation easement transactions, conservation finance, natural science, land management and forestry desired. Qualified candidates must have excellent communication and relationship building skills and the ability to work both independently and as a member of a diverse conservation team.


Responsibilities include:

• Providing forward thinking and vision toward growing a diverse lands program to fulfill DU's conservation mission to "conserve, restore, and manage wetlands and associated habitats for North America's waterfowl. These habitats also benefit other wildlife and people".

• Growing and managing a comprehensive land protection program through developing and negotiating donated / bargain sale conservation easements, facilitated acquisitions, mitigation, revolving lands, land donations, and eco-asset land protection opportunities.

• Serving as the primary contact in the building of relationships and development of new conservation easements, acquisitions and land protection projects with private landowners and partners. Helping landowners and conservation partners make informed decisions relative to land protection opportunities.

• Seeking new grants and creative funding opportunities to finance conservation projects from programs such as North American Wetlands Conservation Act, National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program, South Carolina Conservation Bank, North Carolina Land and Water Fund, Virginia Land Conservation Foundation, and mitigation opportunities.

• Functioning as the primary contact for land protection activities including title searches, Baseline Documentation Reports, appraisals, and easement negotiation and recording activities.

• Coordinating and/or conducting preliminary property inspections, due diligence and annual monitoring of conservation easements. Maintaining all files and records relative to land protection activities.

• Serving as the primary contact with legal and environmental consultants, foresters and appraisers and others to assure compliance with DU procedures.

• Engaging with other conservation interests including participating with and providing strong leadership on conservation committees/partnership meetings.

• Working and stewarding landowners with whom we hold conservation easements to ensure compliance with easement terms and that the wetlands and waterfowl conservation values of the properties are maintained.

• Working with Development (fundraising) staff to obtain easement endowment contributions. Assisting Development staff, as needed, in identifying and stewarding potential major donors from existing and new easement landowners. As well as coordinating and assisting with development of funding proposals.


Commensurate with experience & education.

Apply By:3/5/2021



Please see our website at to submit an application, resume with 3 references along with a cover letter indicating your qualifications and why you are interested in the position. The position will be open until filled.

It is the policy of Ducks Unlimited, Inc. to afford equal employment opportunity to all qualified persons regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, military status, disability, age, or genetic information except where age or gender is a bona fide occupational qualification as allowed by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


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Long-term Herbivore Exclusion Technician Mississippi 2/3/2021 +

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Organization:Mississippi State University

Location:Starkville, Mississippi

Job Description:

We are looking for 2 fulltime field technicians to assist with vegetation composition, vegetation structure, and biomass sampling. This project will be adding to data collected over 20 years of herbivore exclusion to determine possible herbivore-mediated changes in the understory, midstory, or canopy. Additionally, biomass will be collected to analyze potential differences in white-tailed deer nutritional carrying capacity between control and exclosure treatments.

Technicians will be responsible for collecting vegetation data using Nudds boards, circle densiometers, line transects, and DBH tape alongside a graduate student team leader. Technicians will also assist with biomass collection. Prior experience identifying southeastern plant species and conducting vegetation surveys is preferred. Technicians must also be prepared to work in difficult conditions including, but not limited to, extreme heat and biting insects.

Housing during the work week will be provided at two of the three study sites farther away from Starkville, where the university is located, and transportation will be provided throughout the field season. Technicians will work 40-hour weeks for the duration of the field season. The end date of 7/31/2021 is soft and work will end when all vegetation sampling has been completed.

Required Education:

Applicants must either have completed or be working towards a degree in wildlife management, ecology, forestry, or
another related field.

Required Experience:

Ability to work through common field conditions in Mississippi during the summer, such as heat, biting insects
(mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks, etc.), poison ivy, etc.

Familiarity with sampling techniques described above

Basic knowledge of southeastern plant species and/or the ability to quickly learn to identify common plant

Prior GPS experience

  • Ability to work independently
    and as part of a group

  • Salary:


    Apply By:3/21/2021

    Posted By: Gabrielle Ripa

    Forest Carbon Analyst North Carolina 1/29/2021 +

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    Organization:Hancock Natural Resource Group

    Location:Charlotte, North Carolina

    Job Description:

    Job Description

    Hancock Natural Resource Group (HNRG) founded in 1985, is a registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of John Hancock/Manulife Financial Corporation. HNRG is based in Boston, Massachusetts and is comprised of two core businesses; Hancock Timber Resource Group (HTRG) which develops and manages timberland investments and Hancock Agricultural Investment Group (HAIG) which develops and manages farmland investments. As of September 30, 2020, HNRG managed $14.1 billion of timberland and farmland, comprising approximately 5.9 million acres located in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Chile.

    HNRG creates value through the sustainable management of natural resource investments. Through the five pillars of its Sustainability and Responsible Investing (SRI) platform (Ecosystem Resiliency, Watershed Protection, Climate Stability, People Empowerment, and Community Prosperity), HNRG integrates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors throughout all aspects of its investment decision-making and property management. HNRG’s impacts in 2019 include managing 100% of our eligible timberland investments to third-party sustainability standards, helping to launch an industry-wide sustainability standard and third-party certification program for agriculture, offsetting our corporate GHG emissions, and committing to a strict zero-deforestation policy. Over the past five years our forests and farms have removed an average of 3.1 million metric tons of CO2 annually, and since our founding in 1985 we have planted over 1.1 billion trees.

    The Forest Carbon Analyst will be responsible for providing resource analysis and valuation support focused on forest carbon offset economics and analytics. The will participate with other team members to provide timber and carbon investment analysis, harvest scheduling, tactical and long-term resource modelling. The successful incumbent will provide overview and assessment of third-party investment models for purposes of carbon sequestration and direct analytical support for Impact Investment and Hancock Forest Management (HFM) teams.


    • All commercial forest investment regions worldwide with a predominant focus on North America.
    • Proficient in compliance and voluntary carbon standards, carbon calculations and protocols, forest finance, discounted cash flow analysis, forest inventory, woodflow optimization, GIS systems, and desktop office applications.
    • Experience with any of the following: alternative asset classes, real assets, forestry, agriculture, impact investing, sustainable investing, ESG investing, carbon markets, or conservation finance
    • Understanding of the investment relevance of sustainability, climate science and policy, natural climate solutions, and carbon sequestration.
    • Develop and maintain strong relationships with internal groups, third party service providers, advisors, and clients.
    • Service the continuous information and communication needs of a diverse group of teams located in multiple regions.
    • Knowledgeable in areas of silviculture, forest mensuration, harvest scheduling, timberland appraisal, growth and yield models, and timber supply and demand modeling.
    • Familiarity with general forestry operations.

    Job Dimensions:

    • Member of the HTRG Global Resource Planning Team.
    • Reports to – HTRG Director of Global Resource Planning or Associate.

    Specific Duties:

    • Forest carbon offset and sequestration modelling
    • Preparation of investment and education materials for internal and external stakeholders
    • Forest carbon planning and investment modeling to support acquisitions and current assets under management
    • Preparation of periodic reports for timberland property carbon stocks, greenhouse gas profiles and other related materials
    • Assist with all phases of property acquisition as directed by Director of Global Resource Planning including investment modeling, due diligence, property parcelization, and closing.
    • Review of 3rd party property appraisals.
    • Review of annual Long-Term Plans (LTPs) and Comprehensive Property Management Plans (CPMPs).
    • Support the HTRG accounting and portfolio management teams in providing information and analysis
    • Support HTRG Global Forest Operations special projects as needed or requested.


    • A Bachelor’s degree in Forestry or equivalent experience.
    • A graduate degree in a forest related discipline or business is highly desirable.
    • A minimum of two years’ experience in carbon modelling, forest management planning, timberland investment planning, or forest operations (graduate degree may be substituted for work experience).
    • A robust understanding of forest carbon analytics, carbon markets and trends
    • A working knowledge of growth & yield, harvest scheduling, discounted cash flow analysis, forest inventory, silviculture, and forestry operations.
    • General knowledge of forestry across all commercial forest investment regions of the world.
    • Must have strong organizational and analytical skills.
    • Must have proficient writing skill to prepare professional report and management plans.
    • Must be team player.
    • Must be highly motivated and entrepreneurial.
    • Must have strong verbal communication skills.

    Apply By:4/29/2021

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    Cooperative Forester Nebraska 1/26/2021 +

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    Organization:National Wild Turkey Federation

    Location:Chadron, Nebraska

    Job Description:



    The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) is seeking qualified candidates for a forester, or wildlife biologist with forestry education/experience, located in northwest Nebraska and housed in the United States Forest Service (USFS) Supervisor’s Office in Chadron, NE. The position is a cooperative effort with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC). The candidate will be responsible for implementing and promoting forest management on state, federal, and private lands in the Pine Ridge and Wildcat Hills areas in Nebraska.  The position is a full-time, term-limited position.



    ·        Work cooperatively with the NGPC and the USFS on landscape-level forest restoration initiatives & efforts

    ·        Address significant forest health issues affecting important habitat for wild turkeys and other wildlife on public and private lands in pine and riparian ecosystems of Western Nebraska

    ·        Garner additional funding for NWTF conservation programs within the region through grants, corporate partnerships and other sources as identified

    ·        Demonstrate innovative forest management techniques and funding sources to inform landowners and agency partners through tours, field days and workshops

    ·        Prepare and administer habitat management project contracts; providing forest management/restoration specifications and prescriptions for thinning, slash treatments, and other forest management activities.

    ·        Provide regular, on-site contract coordination and oversight to ensure prescriptions and objectives are met, including project layout (e.g. marking project boundaries, marking trees for removal, etc.)

    ·        Provide guidance and prepare plans for re-seeding areas following thinning projects and other soil disturbances, as well as the treatment of noxious weeds before and after forest thinnings on Wildlife Management Areas (WMA)

    ·        Develop prescribed burning plans

    ·        Assist NGPC staff in conducting local forest management projects (e.g. pruning, regeneration treatments, prescribed burns, slash management on WMAs)

    ·        Conduct forest inventory (stand mapping and examinations, insect and disease monitoring) on WMAs and FS lands, as well as private lands as needed: includes locating & marking wild turkey roosts prior to thinning

    ·        Work collaboratively with FS staff on their landscape restoration project in the vicinity of HWY 385, to include project design, implementation and oversight in cooperation with FS staff

    ·        Coordinate & oversee treatment of slash piles, clean-up of downfall, maintenance of fire access & service roads

    ·        Ensure compliance with Fish and Wildlife Service Programmatic Agreement (Environmental Review) including pre-thinning surveys for T&E Species, raptor nests, Tier 1&2 species, cavity trees, etc.

    ·        Assist with wildfire suppression on WMAs, as needed, including maintenance of firefighting equipment

    ·        Work with Rural Volunteer Fire Departments in developing wildfire suppression plans and maps for individual WMAs, including mapping all WMA fire access roads and trails

    ·        Other duties as assigned pursuant to assisting NGPC staff with management efforts in the area



    ·        Position requires a Bachelor’s degree in forestry from a SAF-Accredited Program or Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Ecology with significant forestry emphasis

    ·        Employee must possess a solid working knowledge of the ecosystems in area of responsibility  

    ·        Ability to work independently without close supervision and ability to determine work priorities daily, weekly and monthly to maximize time efficiency is required 

    ·        Must possess good interpersonal skills 

    ·        Must possess basic computer skills such as the use of e-mail, Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel,  PowerPoint), and ArcGIS

    ·        Knowledge of accepted forestry practices and wildlife ecology within ecosystem of work

    ·        Ability to navigate in remote and rural areas and communicate with agency personnel and contractor workers in the field

    ·        Must be a self-starter with the ability to work independently with minimal supervision and guidance

    ·        Must possess excellent organizational skills, and work well as a team member

    ·        Must be willing to travel, including some overnight stays of up to seven nights



    ·        One (1) or more years of professional experience as a forester

    ·        Must have demonstrated leadership skills, Ability to meet requirements for Society of American Foresters (SAF) Certified Forester or Registered Forester status in state of responsibility

    ·        Experience overseeing forestry management projects with multiple objectives

    ·        Experience working with state and federal agencies

    ·        Working knowledge of wildlife habitat management, population management, harvest management and research techniques, particularly in ponderosa pine ecosystems


    REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS This position reports to the Director of Conservation Operations for the Central Region. May have contractors working under their observation or oversight on specific project activities



    ·        Must be able and willing to work, often alone, in a diverse range of climatic and topographic conditions including extreme hot and cold temperatures, rain, snow, sleet, ice, biting insects, snakes, mountainous terrain, swamps, very remote areas with limited access and amenities and other extreme conditions as warranted.  Must be able to walk several miles per day in the conditions described above.  Must be able to drive and/or ride long distances frequently.  May be required to ride in fixed wing or rotary wing aircraft or watercraft. Ability to lift and carry a minimum of 20lbs.





    Apply By:2/26/2021



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