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Location:JACKSON, Mississippi

Job Description:

The Outdoor Products Specialist will join a team of Product Specialists who handle a variety of responsibilities for Forestry Suppliers, Inc., including:

  • Assisting customers with product selection and product support and usage training for outdoor and natural resource professions, as well as archaeology, arborist, geology, surveying and construction, and more.
  • Attend conventions and trade shows related to natural resource and other outdoor professions
  • Provide input regarding the selection of new products
  • Assisting in the production and proofing of marketing materials
  • Provide other internal departments with product support knowledge as needed 

We are seeking an applicant who exhibits:

  • Integrity of the highest degree
  • A utility player mentality who is enthusiastic about learning new skills and generating innovative solutions to solve work challenges and identify opportunities
  • A confident, friendly, positive attitude that shows everything you do as a welcome opportunity to learn more about Forestry Suppliers, Inc.
  • An ability to treat confidential material appropriately
  • Ability to learn quickly and prioritize effectively
  • Excellent communication skills; ability to communicate clearly and effectively

Required Education:

Natural resource-related bachelor’s degree (such as forestry, wildlife management, natural resources) and work experience


Natural resource-related bachelor's degree (such as forestry, wildlife management, natural resources) and work experience

Excellent verbal, personal, and computer skills

Ability to work with a group

Self-starter and capable of working well alone

Excellent driving record

Excellent office and clerical skills, including experience with Microsoft Office software


Based on experience

Apply By:11/17/2023




Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

Attention: Deborah Barlow

PO Box 8397

Jackson, MS  39201

Posted By: Deborah Barlow