Undergraduate Research Assistant Mississippi 3/26/2021 +

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Organization:Department of Forestry, Mississippi State University

Location:Starkville, Mississippi

Job Description:

Job description

The Forest Hydrology & Soils and Forest Ecophysiology Labs in the Department of Forestry are recruiting one or two undergraduate research assistant position(s) for the summer 2021. Under the supervision of Dr. Courtney Siegert and Dr. Heidi Renninger, the selected student(s) will help a Ph.D. candidate working on a USDA-funded project with the title saying "Multifunctional ecosystems: Nitrogen mitigation by short rotation woody crops in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley".


Forest Hydrology & Soils and Forest Ecophysiology Labs in the Department of Forestry, College of Forest Resources, Mississippi State University


Fieldwork - Photosynthetic measurements, biweekly water and soil samples collection in the Mississippi Delta.

Lab work - Filtering water samples, oven-drying, grinding & weighing soils, measuring leaf areas, and grinding & weighing leaves.


Undergraduate students majoring in forestry/wildlife management, natural resource & environmental conservation, biological sciences, plant and soil sciences, agricultural science, agronomy, hydrology, biochemistry, or any other related areas. A valid driving license is needed.


Starting date: May 6, 2021 (negotiable)

Position: Full time (14 weeks, 40 hours/week)

Application deadline: Open until filled.


How to apply: Applicants should send the following documents to Dr. Courtney Siegert ( and Dr. Heidi Renninger (

1) Cover letter mentioning interest for the position,
2) CV/Resume, and
3) Unofficial transcripts.

Apply By:4/30/2021


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Resource Analyst Mississippi 3/18/2021 +

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Organization:Molpus Woodlands Group

Location:Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Job Description:

The Molpus Woodlands Group, LLC (Molpus) is seeking a Resource Analyst to work within its biometrics team. The position will be based within the company’s Forest Operations Headquarters at Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Molpus employees are primarily working remotely at the present time. Training for new employees is conducted remotely or periodically in-person with appropriate social distancing protocols.


Molpus is a Registered Investment Advisor and is one of the leading Timberland Investment Management Organizations (TIMO) in the U.S. It is fully independent, privately held and currently employs more than 100 people. The company has completed more than $4 billion in transactions since 1996 and currently manages approximately 1.9 million acres of timberland across 17 states. Molpus acquires and manages property on behalf of institutional investors across the globe.

Required Skills:

The Resource Analyst’s primary responsibility is to conduct quantitative analyses of timber resources on properties managed by the company. This includes forest inventory processing, volumetric analysis, growth and silvicultural response modeling, harvest scheduling, and maintaining/developing software systems to perform the above tasks at an industry-leading level. Essential functions of the position include abilities to maintain current in-house inventory processing systems and contribute to updating these systems as new techniques and / or technologies emerge. Conduct volumetric analysis for inventory calculations. Participate in inventory projects, including development of cruising plans, training contractors, and processing of inventory data. Provide insight into the appropriate use of volumetric and inventory information during acquisition and disposition processes. Maintain and develop growth and yield systems for annual inventory updates across the various geographic regions of the U.S. where Molpus operates: South, Appalachia, Lake States, Northeast, and Northwest. Ensure growth outcomes are reasonable and in-line with historical outputs and current research results. Develop harvest schedules to support management of Molpus land holdings for long-range operational plans and acquisition analyses. Interact with forestry and business staff to ensure model inputs and assumptions are suitable, and results are understood and practical for management purposes. In-field visits are endorsed to build support for the modeling framework among the forestry staff. Collaborate in cooperative research efforts and evaluate new inventory and growth & yield techniques, taking advantage of evolving technologies to efficiently manage Molpus and client resources. Lead knowledge transfer of research findings to operational forestry staff to maintain client investments at an optimal level. Be available to interact and consult with Molpus regional forestry staff and external vendors in-person and remotely to assist with tasks requiring technical, financial, statistical, silvicultural or biometric expertise. Occasional travel is required to manage projects and attend meetings.

Required Education:

The successful candidate will have an undergraduate degree in Forestry or a related field and an advanced
degree in Forest Biometrics or other quantitative discipline associated with forestry.

Required Experience:

Practical work experience is preferred but an
intelligent, self-motivated individual without prior on-the-job proficiencies will be considered.


Molpus offers a competitive compensation and benefits package, a supportive and team-oriented work
environment, and growth opportunities for its employees. The Molpus Woodlands Group, LLC is an equal
opportunity employer.

Apply By:5/31/2021



Molpus Woodlands Group

178 Bonhomie Rd.

Hattiesburg, MS  39401

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Data Services Analyst Multiple States 3/19/2021 +

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Organization:Green Diamond Resource Company

Job Description:

This position can be located in any state where Green Diamond currently has an office, this includes WA, OR, CA, MS or GA.

Operate, develop, and maintain the Corporate Planning and Inventory databases (Enterprise Geodatabases, ArcGIS Server/SDE, SQL Server, etc.) for reporting and analysis across divisions. Advance Green Diamond’s use of Arc mobile mapping and data collection tools for both business development and operations. Support the use of Arc Online and design web maps for online applications and mobile devices. Acquire and analyze various types of remotely sensed data to support improved inventory for all divisions. Provide GIS analysis and mapping support to Acquisitions and Business Development department.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:(other duties may be assigned)

  • Develops, implements and optimizes scripts, stored procedures, views, or user-defined functions as necessary using Transact-SQL (T-SQL) in support of project development and reporting efforts.
  • Develops procedures and scripts for data migration.
  • Creates and maintains related supporting documentation for systems data.
  • Develops new and enhances existing database objects and packages to advance functionality and automation of systems.
  • Develops analytical and troubleshooting skills with strong attention to detail and high concern for data accuracy.
  • Acquires Landsat and Sentinel satellite images and creates raster layers from derived indexes.
  • Processes drone imagery using DroneDeploy, Agisoft PhotoScan or other similar software.
  • Performs supervised classification using aerial imagery, satellite imagery or raster layers.
  • Participates in coordinating and standardizing remotely sensed data collection across the divisions to  assure quality and accuracy of data collection.
  • Develops R or Python scripts to automate the use remotely sensed data for improved inventory estimation.
  • Creates tools to improve collection and presentation of GIS data using Survey 123, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Collector.

Required Skills:

  • Strong data analysis and mapping skills with intermediate proficiency in Microsoft database and reporting technologies and tools including Office, SQL Server Integration and Reporting Services and Management Studio, and Visual Studio.
  • Experience producing orthomosaics and dense point clouds utilizing structure from motion and using these data to identify objects such as trees.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite of applications including Excel, Access and Word.
  • Demonstrated strong planning and organizational skills with attention to detail
  • Formal training in GIS, forest inventory, growth and yield, and/or forest planning.
  • Ability to be highly motivated and self-directed.
  • Exhibits strong leadership skills. Works with integrity, trust and commitment, setting an example for others.  
  • Effective and professional relationships with co-workers within immediate work group, outside the immediate department, and with key contacts outside the company.
  • Effective and productive oral and written communications skills.
  • Conducts self in a professional manner and treats others with respect at all times. Does not tolerate discrimination based on race, gender, religion, ethnic background, or national origin.  
  • Learns, applies and retains new methods and information. Creative in solving problems. Exhibits a “can do” attitude with a positive approach to challenges. Views obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow.

Desired Skills:

  • Formal instruction and experience in computer programming and object oriented development practices (Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic for Applications, C#, Visual Basic .NET, or Python, SQL procs, relational databases (Oracle or SQL Server).
  • Experience with ArcGIS Desktop and SDE / ArcGIS Server based platforms.
  • Solid understanding of GIS concepts with the ability to present analytical alternatives and develop geospatial solutions.
  • Experience with Microsoft SQL Server environment.
  • Familiarity/experience with hand-held field computers or tablets.
  • Understanding of and/or willing to learn math and statistical analysis.
  • Genuinely excited and enthusiastic about learning and pushing technical limits / finding new solutions.
  • Adaptability, flexibility, and ability for innovation.

Required Education:


Bachelor's degree in forestry or natural resources.

Required Experience:


Minimum of 5 years of experience in GIS analysis.

Apply By:6/19/2021


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Fisheries Technician - Seasonal California 3/19/2021 +

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Organization:Green Diamond Resource Company

Location:Korbel, California

Job Description:

Conduct fisheries monitoring and assessment in conjunction with the California Aquatic Habitat Conservation Plan.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (other duties may be assigned)

  • Checks and maintains out-migrant traps for juvenile salmonids.
  • Assists in surveying long-term channel monitoring reaches.
  • Conducts snorkel and electrofishing surveys for juvenile salmonids.
  • Deploys and retrieves remote water temperature sensors.
  • Assists with watercourse surveys to support Timber Harvesting Plan development.
  • Maintains legible, accurate notes.
  • Enters field data in hand-held data collection devices and in a variety of computer databases.
  • Participates actively in the Company safety program.
  • Ensures proper care, upkeep, and maintenance of personal and group assigned equipment.


  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Demonstrated safe work habits.
  • Effective and professional relationships with co-workers within immediate work group, outside the immediate department, and with key contacts outside the company.
  • Effective and productive communication skills; speaks well, communicates ideas clearly. Writes well, clearly and concisely. Is approachable and open to discussion.
  • Conducts self in a professional manner at all times. Treats other with respect at all times. Does not tolerate discrimination based on race, gender, religion, ethnic background or national origin. Shares knowledge with others and participates in mentoring.
  • Manages multiple priorities professionally with minimum disruption to others. Organized and proactively manages environment. Responds to unexpected challenges successfully without losing track of daily responsibilities. Prioritizes workload in order of importance. Reliably follows through with job assignments.
  • Learns, applies and retain new methods and information. Creative in solving problems. Exhibits a “can do” attitude with a positive approach to challenges. Views obstacles as an opportunity to learn and grow.


  • Experience conducting electrofishing, snorkel surveys, or outmigrant trapping.
  • Experience using hand-held field data collectors and personal computers.
  • Good analytical skills including knowledge of statistical methods.
  • Experience driving 4 wheel drive pickups and all-terrain vehicles.
  • Experience navigating independently in a forest environment using maps and a global positioning system.

Required Education:


College course work in fisheries biology or related programs.

Apply By:6/19/2021


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Forest Operations Technician - Seasonal California 3/19/2021 +

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Location:Korbel, California

Job Description:


Conduct road assessment and maintenance monitoring in conjunction with the Aquatic Habitat Conservation Plan and the programmatic road permits.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (other duties may be assigned)

  • Collects stream discharge measurements
  • Directs the monitoring of water drafting operations including communication to supervisor on permit compliance issues
  • Ensures primary contact for wildlife exclusion needs on all tanks on the property
  • Reads and analyzes topographic maps, LiDAR imagery and aerial photographs to effectively travel in a forest landscape.
  • Maintains legible, accurate notes.
  • Enters field data into spreadsheets and databases.
  • Participates actively in the Company safety program.
  • Ensures proper care, upkeep, and maintenance of personal and group assigned equipment.
  • Assist in other aspects of the AHCP roads monitoring program as needed, such as:
    • Conduct field inventories of stream crossings and other road related features.
    • Estimates relative sediment delivery potential from forest roads and associated structures.
    • Identify, describe and assist accurately to develop appropriate treatment prescriptions for road upgrading, decommissioning and maintenance activities.


  • Must have successfully completed college courses in hydrology, geology, watershed management, forestry or related programs. 
  • Must be able to successfully pass a qualifying course in ATV training.
  • Ability to work alone or in small groups without immediate supervision.
  • Proficient computer skills in Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Must be an active and contributing participant in the company safety program.
  • Experience in road design, stream crossings, drainage systems, hydrologic influences on road networks, and erosion control and maintenance. 
  • Effective and professional relationships with co-workers within immediate work group, outside the immediate department, and with key contacts outside the company.
  • Effective and productive communications skills; speaks well, communicates ideas clearly. Writes well, clearly and concisely. Is approachable and open to discussion.
  • Conducts self in a professional manner at all times. Treats others with respect at all times. Does not tolerate discrimination based on race, gender, religion, ethnic background, or national origin. Shares knowledge with others and participates in mentoring.
  • Manages multiple priorities professionally with minimum disruption to others. Organized and proactively manages environment. Responds to unexpected challenges successfully without losing track of daily responsibilities. Prioritizes workload in order of importance. Reliably follows through with job assignments.
  • Learns, applies and retains new methods and information. Creative in solving problems. Exhibits a “can do” attitude with a positive approach to challenges. Views obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Demonstrated safe work habits.
  • Demonstrated use of basic field measurement tools (logger’s tape, clinometer, hand compass, hand level).
  • Demonstrated use of topographic maps and aerial photos in a forest landscape.
  • Valid driver’s license.


  • Experience working locally (California North Coast) conducting watershed, geology or aquatic monitoring.
  • Curriculum focus for watershed processes
  • Experience collecting stream discharge measurements
  • Experience conducting cross-sectional analysis of road prisms and stream crossings.
  • Experience performing monitoring of road related mitigation activities in an industrial timberland setting.
  • Basic knowledge of type and limitations of road-related heavy equipment. 
  • Good analytical skills including knowledge of statistical methods.
  • Experience using hand-held field data collectors, GPSs and personal computers.
  • Experience using ESRI GIS software.
  • Experience driving 4-wheel drive pickups and ATV’s.

Required Education:

Must have successfully completed college courses in hydrology, geology, watershed management, forestry or related programs.

Apply By:6/19/2021


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Forestry Technician - Seasonal Oregon 3/19/2021 +

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Organization:Green Diamond Resource Company

Location:Klamath Falls, Oregon

Job Description:


To provide high quality field assistance to District Foresters in the design and layout of harvest units for the development of Harvest Plans. Aids foresters in the field reconnaissance, flagging of road locations, stream protection zones, harvest boundaries and related forestry duties.

The following is a list of general job responsibilities for the Forestry Technician position. This list is not all-inclusive and may be broadened or changed to meet changing business needs.

  • Under the guidance of the District Forester, the incumbent supports a wide variety of field layout tasks associated with the design of specific harvest units and the location and design of associated roads. Specific duties include:
  • Flag boundaries, stream protection zones, property lines, wildlife retention areas, wildlife key habitat features (green trees, snags, ponds, seeps etc.), tree marking, and stream classification.
  • Performs field reconnaissance and describes the conditions and potential constraints and problems to the responsible District Forester who can provide further guidance and resolution to field layout design.
  • Documents and records the technical information related to each Harvest Plan in a concise and accurate manner.
  • Interacts daily with District Foresters as well as other Forestry Technicians. The incumbent will be working with these department representatives and representatives in the Harvesting and Inventory GIS departments.
  • Provides informational documentation and explanation of details of field layout.
  • Assists in miscellaneous forestry functions, such as burning, tree planting, and firefighting.
  • Participates actively in Company safety program.
  • May be assigned to other forestry-associated tasks as needed; these tasks may include but are not limited to prescribed burning, wildlife or stream assessment projects, and contract logging administration under District Forester guidance.
  • Conducts stocking surveys and other plantation monitoring activities according to state compliance standards and/or Company standards.
  • Helps identify and flag units to receive Intensive Forest Management (gopher baiting, pre-commercial thinning, etc.) treatments.
  • Maintains legible, accurate, detailed records and writes technical reports.
  • Updates forestry databases with a high level of accuracy.
  • Produces accurate, comprehensive and clear maps using ArcMap and other GIS mapping programs.
  • Performs routine maintenance on the Company’s fire equipment.
  • Monitors contractors performing tree planting, herbicide application, fuel reduction, biomass harvesting, and thinning projects.
  • Performs field reconnaissance and then describes the conditions and potential constraints and problems to the District Forester who can provide further guidance and resolution to field prescriptions. Responds to wildfire incidents as initial attack and assist with Emergency Medical Service coordination as needed.
  • Assists in maintaining equipment, etc., as needed.
  • Assists other Foresters with Harvesting Plan preparation and road layout as directed.
  • Demonstrate the ability to collaborate with other departments and meet the needs of those departments while maintaining a high level of productivity. 


  • Must have a valid Driver’s License.
  • Knowledge of how to apply road and harvesting design principles during field layout.
  • Proficient computer skills in Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Must be proficient in the use of forestry equipment, including GPS.
  • Must be an active and contributing participant in the Forestry Departments Safety program.
  • Demonstrated ability to navigate with the aid of a map, compass and aerial photo interpretation.
  • Effective and professional relationships with co-workers within immediate work group, outside the immediate department, and with key contacts outside the company.
  • Effective and productive communications skills; speaks well, communicates ideas clearly. Writes well, clearly and concisely. Is approachable and open to discussion.
  • Manages multiple priorities professionally with minimum disruption to others. Organized and proactively manages environment. Responds to unexpected challenges successfully without losing track of daily responsibilities. Prioritizes workload in order of importance. Reliably follows through with job assignments.
  • Ability to learn and administer operational guidelines and State Forest Practice Rules.
  • Learns, applies and retains new methods and information. Creative in solving problems. Exhibits a “can do” attitude with a positive approach to challenges. Views obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry, Natural Resources Management or related field.
  • Previous field layout experience related to forestry.
  • Knowledge of harvesting systems and road layout skills.
  • Working knowledge of the Oregon Forest Practice rules and the application.
  • Working knowledge of logging systems, equipment operation, and field layout experience.  

Required Education:

Coursework in Forestry, Natural Resources or closely related fields or equivalent work experience.

Apply By:6/19/2021


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Timberland Transaction Manager Washington 3/19/2021 +

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Organization:Green Diamond Resource Company

Location:Seattle, Washington

Job Description:


Manage all phases of timberland transaction projects for Green Diamond with a focus on acquisitions in the western US (OR, WA, CA, and Intermountain areas). This would include sourcing opportunities, coordinating due diligence and valuation processes, negotiating purchase price and contract terms, and supporting transaction closing and hand-off to operations. In addition, the incumbent will assist in the development of timberland transaction strategy and in process improvement.

The Timberland Transaction Manager is both an internal and external facing position. Job responsibilities will require frequent interaction with members of the senior management team, the finance department, and other operating managers in the divisions. The incumbent is expected to cultivate potential partners and transaction counterparties and represent the company as required with governmental entities, industry peers, and other interest groups.

This is a fulltime regular position reporting to the VP of Acquisitions and Business Development.

>ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (other duties may be assigned)

  • Lead due diligence efforts on timberland transactions. This will include management of internal regional experts and outside consultants, overseeing the physical assessment of forest assets, and participating in the financial analysis of investments using discounted cash flow valuation.
  • Manage negotiations with sellers, involving legal counsel and regional experts, through transition completion.
  • Participate in the origination of new timberland investments.
  • Provide input and guidance into investment structure, investment modeling, and transaction management.
  • Provide leadership on the fundamentals and assumptions of potential timberland investments and reviews of risk and opportunities.
  • Establish a network with key investment representatives and forest industry consultants who facilitate timberland transactions.
  • Serve as a key contact with partners, industry representatives, and potential counterparties for timberland transaction initiatives.
  • Develop and maintain industry knowledge and best management practices regarding product pricing, industry trends, sales and marketing, and timberland management.
  • Prepare presentation material for discussion with senior management, the Board of Directors, and special meetings; assemble presentation packages from multiple sources to develop and produce crisp, concise memoranda.
  • Contribute to non-timber investment projects, as relevant.

Required Education:

Bachelor’s degree in Forestry, Business Administration, Finance, Economics, or related field.

Graduate degree in a Business or Forestry related discipline required though applicable work experience may substitute for this requirement.

Required Experience:

5+ years’ work experience in timberland acquisitions and divestitures, working directly with internal and external valuation teams and structuring and closing transactions with institutional and/or corporate counterparties.


Advanced personal computer and MS Office product skills required, particularly in Excel. Experience with ESRI products, R, and Woodstock preferred.

Thorough understanding of financial concepts, investment evaluation methodologies and terms.

Commitment to superior work product with capacity to manage quality, accuracy, and consistency.

Ability to work at all levels in an organization, excel in a team environment and influence others.

Must have excellent verbal and written communications skills, excellent presentation skills, and highly effective analysis skills.

Ability to function in a team environment and influence others not in a direct reporting relationship.

Be capable of understanding and responding to the questions and needs of stakeholders and able to work independently to recognize and solve problems with limited support and supervision.

Must have a professional presence and demeanor.

Demonstrated ability to work with sensitive information and maintain confidentiality.

Must have a strong work ethic, be results-oriented, highly organized, dedicated, hardworking, self-motivated, able to efficiently manage multiple diverse projects to meet demanding deadlines, and willing and able to travel as necessary.

This position may be located within a state in which the company currently has business operations.

Normal office environment with moderate noise levels, occasional lifting of up to 25 lbs., regular walking, sitting, bending, twisting, standing, and reaching.

Travel required to operating divisions to meet with employees and maintain visibility, requiring ability to drive an automobile, walk through forested areas, across uneven terrain and unpaved roads.

Ability to perform consistent work on a PC.

Must be able to tolerate majority of work time spent at a computer console.

Must have a good judgment of safety to eliminate risk when working in the field and operating a motor vehicle.

Ability to tour operations, attend training and Company functions.

Requires the use of standard safety equipment in regulation with policy.

This position is a Physical and Mental Requirement Classification 1

Green Diamond is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer who values workplace diversity in a drug free work environment.

Apply By:6/19/2021


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Fulltime & Seasonal Foresters & Surveyors Multiple States 3/11/2021 +

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Location:Arcata, CA. , Multiple States

Job Description:

Job Description – Fulltime & Seasonal Foresters and Survey Technicians: These are for full time and seasonal positions for a qualified forestry, engineering or agriculture students, graduate students, or graduates in these programs to work under experienced professional foresters and licensed surveyors in an array of projects, job assignments, locations and under varying forest and other conditions. Primarily the work will be in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico & Hawaii but may extend to other U.S. states and international locations. The employed full time and seasonal forester and or survey technician will be based out of an office in Arcata, California, but extended travel can be part of the job. As a general guide fulltime employee is one who are scheduled for and do work 30 plus hours per week or at least 130 hours a month. A “seasonal or temporary” employee is one who is normally scheduled to work during a particular time of the calendar year.

Required Education:

Applicants should have completed at least one year, or more, of a 2- or 4-year college program in forest management, forest engineering, forest production or equivalent and/or surveying/engineering or agricultural management and be currently enrolled or a graduate or graduate student of such a program.

Required Experience:

At least one-year of field experience in college degree work, forestry, surveying or resource land management work. 


Full Time and or Seasonal Forester Technician Duties/
Responsibilities: Duties and responsibilities will entail work under professional foresters and or land surveyors in:

Management of forest, range and agricultural lands including but not limited to planning, preparing,
and often executing various forest and or range management plans and projects,

Large scale wildfire assessments, inventories, salvage operations, prevention and fuel breaks/reduction projects, restoration, and litigation work,

Researching and preparing timber appraisals, forest management plans and or assessments,

Preparing timber harvest and land use permits and authorizations (including but not limited to NEPA, CEQA, THP’s, NTMP’s, CFMP’s & FMP’s; EQUIP; CFIP; Exemptions
(Emergency Notices, Forest Fire Prevention Exemptions, Fire Safe Exemptions, Conversion Exemptions, Dead Dying or Diseased Exemptions, etc.), LSAA, Waivers,
GWDR’s, JTMP’s & TMG’s),

Planning and conducting complex large-scale forest and or forest carbon inventories and modeling;

Resource land assessments and timber appraisals.

GIS & GPS mapping,

Executing, training, advising, and assisting foresters and resource staff in preparing private and government agency resource projects including fire salvage and

Planning, logistics and permitting work on agricultural and resource lands including forests,

Working with and training resource professionals from government agencies and private nonprofits,

Wildlife surveys & habitat restoration.

Duties will entail training, working under and assisting a licensed surveyor and staff conducting land and property boundary surveys; parcel splits and/or lot line adjustments; surveying easements
or rights-of-ways; and preparing maps, plats and legal descriptions.

Foresters and survey technicians should be highly motivated and be able to function and operate
independently at times as well as work well with others, especially in remote locations and under wildland and very remote conditions.

Forestry, land surveying, and land management work will often overlap on projects


Pay rate or level commensurate with level of education in fields listed and demonstrated level of experience.

Apply By:12/31/2021




P.O. Box 1136

Arcata, CA. 95518 

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Associate Dean for Extension/Assistant Director for Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resource Extension Programs Alabama 3/15/2021 +

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Organization:Auburn University

Location:Auburn, Alabama

Job Description:

The College of Agriculture (COA) at Auburn University ( and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES) ( are seeking applications for the position of Associate Dean for Extension and Assistant Director for Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resource Extension Programs. This 12-month administrative position will be located within the COA at Auburn University and fits within the organizational structures of COA and ACES. The Associate Dean/Assistant Director position reports jointly to the COA Dean and the ACES Associate Director. The position is classified as a tenure-track Extension Specialist with a COA and ACES administrative appointment. This position is a five-year appointment, subject to review. The Associate Dean/Assistant Director will be a member of the COA administrative team and a member of the ACES System Program Team to bring into alignment the programmatic visions and directions of the COA and ACES.

Responsibilities: The Associate Dean/Assistant Director provides vision and leadership in how Extension, research, academic programs, and other allied programs develop synergy to enhance collaborative research and evidence-based outcomes. The position provides coordination and leadership for Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resource Extension Programs carried out by ACES in collaboration with the COA, the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences (SFWS), and Alabama A&M University. The position is responsible for the coordination and integration of Extension programs that address timely issues in areas such as improving the productivity, sustainability and profitability of the state’s diverse agriculture and horticulture industries, promoting a safe and secure food supply, increasing environmental stewardship, and developing informed consumers. The Associate Dean/Assistant Director will:

  • Develop and maintain strong working relationships with Department Heads in the College, the SFWS Dean, ACES program units, and County Extension Offices;
  • Serve as a liaison between COA and ACES;
  • Foster entrepreneurial approaches to engage faculty in the pursuit and procurement of revenue through grants, contracts, gifts and fees to expand programming;
  • Mentor new Extension Specialists in COA and SFWS for agriculture, forestry, and natural resource programming;
  • Provide input to Department Heads and SFWS Dean for the evaluation of Extension Specialists and professional staff with ACES appointments;
  • Recommend changes to ensure constant improvement of Extension programming.
  • Lead program needs assessment activities, priority program team plan-of-work development, delivery of transformational Extension programs, outcome evaluation and Impact reporting;
  • Be responsible for the recruitment, hiring, supervision, mentoring and performance assessment of Regional Extension Agents;
  • Provide leadership to assure program alignment with the annual plan-of-work and direction set by ACES, COA, and SFWS;
  • Serve as the ACES representative to the Southern Region Agriculture and Natural Resource Extension Program Leaders Network;
  • Provide leadership and guidance to priority program team coordinators and other team leaders;
  • Foster the use of emerging pedagogy and communication technologies, including the appropriate media and social media, to engage new and diverse constituent audiences;
  • Build teamwork through communication with ACES and departmental Extension Specialists, Regional Extension Agents, and others as appropriate.

Required Education:

See all details in required skills

Required Experience:

See all details in Required Skills


Qualifications: An earned doctorate from an accredited institution in a field within agricultural sciences, forestry, natural resources or related field;

Experience and demonstrated effectiveness in leadership, as well as development, delivery, and evaluation of Extension programs that meet the needs of a target audience and create measurable impacts; prior experience as a department head or chair is desired.

Strong working knowledge of current agricultural, forestry, and natural resource management issues in the world, United States and Alabama;

A proactive vision of the future of Extension and the ability to effectively communicate with information users on these matters;

An outstanding performance record in previous employment and a demonstrated commitment to the Extension philosophy and mission;

Proven record in generation of revenue streams to support applied-research and/or Extension

Demonstrated skills in verbal and written communication and a proven ability to interact extremely effectively with faculty, staff, administrators and external stakeholders;

Proven record of Extension leadership and scholarship to be eligible for tenure at the full professor rank in his/her appropriate academic unit in the College of Agriculture or School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences.

Commitment to Auburn University’s core values of excellence, diversity, global involvement, and accountability.

The successful candidate must meet eligibility
requirements to work in the United States at the time of appointment is scheduled to begin and continue working legally for the proposed term of employment.



Apply By:5/8/2021

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Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistant Forest Management and Economics Mississippi 3/18/2021 +

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Organization:Mississippi State University Department of Forestry

Location:Starkville, Mississippi

Job Description:

Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistantship in Forest Management and Economics

Job Description:

One graduate research assistantship for the Ph.D. in Forest Management and Economics is available in the Department of Forestry at Mississippi State University. The assistantship will include a stipend, 100% tuition waiver, and reimbursement for the health insurance cost. The successful candidate will work on research related to timber supply and carbon markets with the leading timber industry players and the USDA Forest Service. The expected start date is Fall 2021.


Candidates for this position must have a master’s degree in Economics, Agricultural Economics, Forest Economics, Statistics, Engineering, Operational Research. Excellent written and oral communication skills are expected. Some programming experience using statistical software (e.g., R or Python) and proficiency in GIS would be preferred.

To Apply:

To be considered for this position, the following application materials must be submitted:

1. A letter of interest (1-page maximum)

2. Resume/CV,

3. Unofficial transcripts (undergraduate and graduate)

4. English test scores can be provided after the interview

5. Names and contact information of three references

Please send the package as a single PDF file to Dr. Silva and Dr. Tanger at and Review of the applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled. A full application to the Graduate School will be required for an official offer to be made. Additional information can be found at the MSU Department of Forestry website ( and the MSU Office of Graduate School (

About the MSU Graduate Forestry Program:

MSU’s department of forestry is unique in terms of its economics expertise and capacity. We currently have seven faculty with forestry economics backgrounds and three more that work extensively with those seven on problems related to forest management and economics. This group is also responsible for the administration of the International Society of Forest Resource Economics Annual Meeting and the committee is comprised of a rotating list of the faculty mentioned above.

MSU is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, ethnicity, sex, religion, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, genetic information, pregnancy, gender identity, status as a U.S. veteran, and/or any other status protected by applicable law. We always welcome nominations and applications from women, members of any minority group, and others who share our passion for building a diverse community that reflects the diversity in our student population.

Required Education:

Master's Degree in Economics, Agricultural Economics, Forest Economics, Statistics, Engineering, or Operational Research,


Stipend, 100% tuition waiver and reimbursement for health insurance. 

Apply By:6/18/2021 or


Mississippi State University Dept of Forestry

Attn:  Dr. Bruno Silva

775 Stone Blvd.

105 Thompson Hall

Mississippi State, MS 39762

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Forestry Technician- Timber Cruising California 2/1/2021 +

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Location:Camptonville, California

Job Description:

ACE EPIC USFS (CA): Tahoe National Forest,

Forestry Technician - Timber Cruising

American Conservation Experience, a nonprofit Conservation Corps, in partnership with the Tahoe National Forest is seeking six Forestry Technicians. This opportunity is intended for enthusiastic professionals, with a deep interest in advancing their career goals in natural resource management and conservation.

The member will be part of a small marking crew performing a variety of timber sale preparation (TSP) duties that include—but are not limited to—timber marking, timber cruising, and sale layout as part of the forest health partnership.

Start Date: May

End Date: 25 weeks after start date

Location: Camptonville CA, Yuba River Ranger District&

The Tahoe National Forest is located in the northern Sierra Nevada (east of Sacramento) and extends from the foothills across the Sierra crest to the California state line. It includes over 850,000 acres of public land interspersed with 350,000 acres of private land in a checkerboard ownership pattern. Rivers, snow-capped peaks and dense forests offer outstanding recreation year-round. A complex set of ecosystems are found as the terrain ascends from 1,500 feet along the western boundary to over 9,000 feet along the crest. The forest provides a variety of resources and opportunities and is managed by the Forest Service.

Project Websites: For more information regarding Tahoe National Forest, please visit:

For more information regarding the ACE EPIC program, please visit:

Living Allowance: The members should anticipate serving 40 hours/wk and will receive a living allowance of $692/wk for food and incidentals, dispersed bi-weekly. 

Housing: Housing may be available at a daily rate of approximately $10-$20 per day.

Training Provided: Although some forestry related experience is desired, training in timber cruising and layout will be provided on the job.

Other Allowances: Boot and clothing allowance available.

Project Objectives

  • Either independently or with guidance, applies silvicultural prescriptions and marking guides to designate harvest timber.
  • Brings to the attention of responsible individuals, situations on the ground that are inconsistent with guidelines.
  • Either as a certified timber cruiser or under the supervision of a certified timber cruiser, applies the instructions issued in a cruise plan. Takes and records tree measurements, assesses quality, and determines defect. Prepares cruise data for processing.
  • Observes and reports areas of possible archeological significance, and sightings of sensitive, threatened or endangered wildlife species.
  • GPS’s harvest unit boundaries and determines site area.
  • Planning, decisions, and judgments made in this position affect long term timber management activities, other resources, and the forest health agreement/contract.
  • Accuracy of the work affects the quality of residual resource values such as timber stands, visual quality, water quality, and all resources related to timber harvest.


This opportunity is intended for enthusiastic professionals, with a deep interest in advancing their career goals in natural resource management and conservation. Applicants with a degree (M.S. or B.S) in Forestry or Environmental Science and an interest in a career in public lands management are strongly encouraged to apply. Resumes and cover letters must show detailed key project experiences.

Preferred Skills

  • Working knowledge of forest practices and techniques, including application of silvicultural prescriptions, aerial photographs, maps, environmental analysis reports, and like guides in order to independently select harvest timber in a variety of stand conditions
  • Working knowledge of measuring tree diameters and heights, map reading, compass use, tree species identification, obvious defect recognition and determination, GPSing, and the use of tools associated with timber cruising
  • Knowledge of regularly used timber cruise computer programs including data collection and processing 
  • Knowledge of other resource areas, such as wildlife management or archaeology, in order to recognize situations which require specific protection measures
  • The work is performed primarily in a field environment. Field work often requires moderate to strenuous physical exertion, including walking, bending, and climbing under adverse conditions for long periods of time
  • Work in the forest environment involves considerable risk of falls due to uneven terrain, risk of insect bites, contact with poisonous plants, etc. Work is conducted during conditions such as rain, snow, wind, dust, extreme heat and cold - hardhat, boots, gloves, and possibly other safety equipment are required


  • Ability to perform the essential duties of the position with or without reasonable accommodation
  • Proven ability to be both self-directed/work independently and be a positive, contributing member of a team
  • Must be able to communicate clearly and concisely with resource professionals
  • Proficient in English
  • U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • A valid driver's license and an insurable driving record (documentation to be provided upon request)
  • Ability to pass a federal criminal background check
  • ACE is a drug free workplace and reserves the right to drug test at any time
  • Members must be at least 21 to apply for any ACE position that requires or anticipates operation of agency or ACE vehicles for duties.
  • The member must be willing to represent ACE and the Forest Service in a professional, positive and enthusiastic manner.

To Apply:

Please submit a resume, cover letter, and 3 professional references using the APPLY NOW section located on the upper right hand corner of the position listing on our website here:


Early consideration will be given as applications are received. This position may close at any time. If you have any questions regarding this position, please feel free to contact ACE USFS Member Coordinator, Amanda McGarry, at

Apply By:5/5/2021


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Forest Carbon Analyst North Carolina 1/29/2021 +

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Organization:Hancock Natural Resource Group

Location:Charlotte, North Carolina

Job Description:

Job Description

Hancock Natural Resource Group (HNRG) founded in 1985, is a registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of John Hancock/Manulife Financial Corporation. HNRG is based in Boston, Massachusetts and is comprised of two core businesses; Hancock Timber Resource Group (HTRG) which develops and manages timberland investments and Hancock Agricultural Investment Group (HAIG) which develops and manages farmland investments. As of September 30, 2020, HNRG managed $14.1 billion of timberland and farmland, comprising approximately 5.9 million acres located in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Chile.

HNRG creates value through the sustainable management of natural resource investments. Through the five pillars of its Sustainability and Responsible Investing (SRI) platform (Ecosystem Resiliency, Watershed Protection, Climate Stability, People Empowerment, and Community Prosperity), HNRG integrates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors throughout all aspects of its investment decision-making and property management. HNRG’s impacts in 2019 include managing 100% of our eligible timberland investments to third-party sustainability standards, helping to launch an industry-wide sustainability standard and third-party certification program for agriculture, offsetting our corporate GHG emissions, and committing to a strict zero-deforestation policy. Over the past five years our forests and farms have removed an average of 3.1 million metric tons of CO2 annually, and since our founding in 1985 we have planted over 1.1 billion trees.

The Forest Carbon Analyst will be responsible for providing resource analysis and valuation support focused on forest carbon offset economics and analytics. The will participate with other team members to provide timber and carbon investment analysis, harvest scheduling, tactical and long-term resource modelling. The successful incumbent will provide overview and assessment of third-party investment models for purposes of carbon sequestration and direct analytical support for Impact Investment and Hancock Forest Management (HFM) teams.


  • All commercial forest investment regions worldwide with a predominant focus on North America.
  • Proficient in compliance and voluntary carbon standards, carbon calculations and protocols, forest finance, discounted cash flow analysis, forest inventory, woodflow optimization, GIS systems, and desktop office applications.
  • Experience with any of the following: alternative asset classes, real assets, forestry, agriculture, impact investing, sustainable investing, ESG investing, carbon markets, or conservation finance
  • Understanding of the investment relevance of sustainability, climate science and policy, natural climate solutions, and carbon sequestration.
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with internal groups, third party service providers, advisors, and clients.
  • Service the continuous information and communication needs of a diverse group of teams located in multiple regions.
  • Knowledgeable in areas of silviculture, forest mensuration, harvest scheduling, timberland appraisal, growth and yield models, and timber supply and demand modeling.
  • Familiarity with general forestry operations.

Job Dimensions:

  • Member of the HTRG Global Resource Planning Team.
  • Reports to – HTRG Director of Global Resource Planning or Associate.

Specific Duties:

  • Forest carbon offset and sequestration modelling
  • Preparation of investment and education materials for internal and external stakeholders
  • Forest carbon planning and investment modeling to support acquisitions and current assets under management
  • Preparation of periodic reports for timberland property carbon stocks, greenhouse gas profiles and other related materials
  • Assist with all phases of property acquisition as directed by Director of Global Resource Planning including investment modeling, due diligence, property parcelization, and closing.
  • Review of 3rd party property appraisals.
  • Review of annual Long-Term Plans (LTPs) and Comprehensive Property Management Plans (CPMPs).
  • Support the HTRG accounting and portfolio management teams in providing information and analysis
  • Support HTRG Global Forest Operations special projects as needed or requested.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in Forestry or equivalent experience.
  • A graduate degree in a forest related discipline or business is highly desirable.
  • A minimum of two years’ experience in carbon modelling, forest management planning, timberland investment planning, or forest operations (graduate degree may be substituted for work experience).
  • A robust understanding of forest carbon analytics, carbon markets and trends
  • A working knowledge of growth & yield, harvest scheduling, discounted cash flow analysis, forest inventory, silviculture, and forestry operations.
  • General knowledge of forestry across all commercial forest investment regions of the world.
  • Must have strong organizational and analytical skills.
  • Must have proficient writing skill to prepare professional report and management plans.
  • Must be team player.
  • Must be highly motivated and entrepreneurial.
  • Must have strong verbal communication skills.

Apply By:4/29/2021

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Graduate Research Assistantship in Forest Economics Mississippi 1/26/2021 +

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Organization:Mississippi State University

Location:STARKVILLE, Mississippi

Job Description:

<p><br /><br />Graduate Research Assistantship<br /><br />Forest Resource Economics<br /><br />Mississippi State University<br /><br />&nbsp;<br /><br />Position Description: Graduate research assistantship in forest resource economics for a master&rsquo;s study is available at Mississippi State University. The interest and background of the successful applicant will be considered in selecting a thesis research topic.<br /><br />&nbsp;<br />Qualifications: A strong background in economics and statistics is needed. Some knowledge of forestry is preferred but not required.<br /><br />&nbsp;<br />Salary and Benefits: The assistantship includes an annual stipend of $17,000, a complete tuition waiver, and full health insurance coverage.<br /><br />&nbsp;<br />Application: The starting date for this assistantship is either May or August 2021, and it will remain open until the position is filled. Any inquiry about this position is welcome. For an informal and initial evaluation, please create one single PDF file and send it to Dr. Sun by email, including: (1) a letter of interest; (2) curriculum vitae; (3) unofficial transcripts; and (4) a list of three references with contact information only. An international applicant whose first language is not English must include a copy of an unofficial TOEFL or IELTS test report. After the initial evaluation, desirable candidates will be invited to submit their official applications through the Graduate School at Mississippi State University.<br /><br />&nbsp;<br /><br />Changyou Sun, Ph.D.<br /><br />Professor<br /><br />Box 9681, Department of Forestry<br /><br />Mississippi State University, MS 39762<br /><br />Email:<br /><br />Phone: (662) 325 7271<br /><br />&nbsp;<br />For information about the College of Forest Resources, visit For official application procedures and forms, visit the Office of the Graduate School ( Mississippi State University is an EO/AA Employer; applications from minorities and women are encouraged.<br /></p>

Apply By:4/26/2021

Phone:(662) 325 7271

Posted By: Dr. Changyou Sun