Exhibitor Staff Pre-registration:

Limited complimentary show admission for exhibitor staff is included as part of the exhibitor site fee.
The following number of exhibitor badges will be provided:

  • Pavilion Booths (P) - 2 badges per booth
  • Static Yard (S) - 4 badges per site
  • Forested Live Site (L & LNH) - 10 badges per site

To receive this complimentary admission, the authorized exhibitor representative should use the Exhibitor Staff Pre-registration Form to pre-register staff members. This form should be faxed to 662-325-1024 no later than August 21, 2018.

The exhibitor representative must retrieve the packet of badges at show check-in and is responsible for distributing the badges to exhibitor staff prior to the start of the show. Following August 21, 2018, the Exhibitor Staff Pre-registration Form will not be accepted, and staff members will be required to pre-register via the show website ($20) or pay admission at the show gate ($25).