Site Types and Rates:

  • Pavilion Booths (P)
  • 6x10 Feet = $500
  • 12x10 Feet = $550
  • Static Yard (S)
  • 25x50 Feet = $1420
  • 50x75 Feet = $1970
  • 75x75 Feet = $2410
  • Forested Live Site
  • No-Harvest (LNH)
  • Primary Site = $4390
  • Additional Adjacent Site = $3070
  • Harvest (L)
  • Primary Site = $7250
  • 1st Additional Adjacent Site = $5820
  • 2nd Additional Adjacent Site = $4390

NOTE: No exhibitor's equipment, tent, or other property may overrun the rented space without prior approval from show management. Exhibitors cannot "sublet" any portion of a site to another exhibitor. Live exhibitors must not demonstrate or display more than three brands of self-contained equipment on any given site. All spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please check the show website for up-to-date availability of exhibitor sites.

Mid-South Forestry Equipment Show, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation organized to provide technology transfer from forestry and related equipment manufacturers to the forestry community. Minimized revenues are used exclusively to offset the costs of conducting the Show and to make Show improvements designed to achieve the educational outreach purpose of the corporation.