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Mississippi Society of American Foresters


MS SAF Position Statement on Registration of Mississippi Foresters


The Mississippi Society of American Foresters supports the establishment, policing and continued strengthening of Mississippi's Foresters Registration Law. MS SAF further believes that the Forester Registration Law is beneficial to the public and individuals who seek the services of a competent forester. The Code of Ethics established under the law is effective in governing the professional conduct of those persons registered under the law and helps assure just and honorable professional and human relationships, mutual confidence and respect, and competent service to society.


The practice of forestry is a complex discipline and requires certain minimum standards of professional education, experience and training to manage Mississippi’s forests. Forestry is vitally important to the Mississippi economy. Values associated with forests (i.e., products, recreation, wildlife, etc.) should be managed in a way that will enhance and sustain those values in the future. The Mississippi Foresters Registration Law of 1977 (as revised in 2007) was established as a service to the public. The law recognizes that, in order to benefit and protect the public and it's forest resources, no person (public or private) shall practice or offer to practice forestry for compensation unless that person is duly registered or unless that person is specifically exempted under the law.

Originally adopted by Mississippi Society of American Foresters (MS SAF) on February 19, 2002 and revised on August 24, 2007. This statement will expire December 31, 2017, unless revised by the MS SAF.