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Funded Projects

Use of Human Dimensions Information as a Tool for Selecting Large-Scale Quail Restoration Areas

The purpose of this research is to determine landowner willingness and ability to carry out quail habitat restoration in cooperative ventures with government natural resource agencies (Missouri Department of Conservation [MDC], USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service [NRCS] and Farm Service Agency [FSA], and Missouri Department of Natural Resources Soil and Water Conservation Districts [SWCD]), University of Missouri (UM), and non-government organizations (e.g., Quail Unlimited). This information will be used to support the MDC Strategic Guidance for Northern Bobwhite Restoration, which is linked to the Northern Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI). The study will be used to identify quail restoration areas and in designing marketing plans. The information and methodology from this study will serve as a model for quail restoration initiatives in other states. The study has 3 objectives: (1) Determine landowner attitudes, knowledge and ability regarding quail conservation, and desired components of cooperative agreements; (2) Develop a spatial inventory of landowner willingness and ability to implement quail habitat management; and (3) Evaluate landowner experience with, and attitude toward, cooperative ventures. We will use focus groups and questionnaires (mixed methods approach) to develop quantitative models that predict the potential for successful participation in joint-venture style quail restoration projects. These models will in turn be used to develop GIS layers of “habitat restoration potential.” These human dimension layers will be used in conjunction with habitat suitability models (e.g., quail habitat suitability model, Center for Agricultural, Resource and Environmental Systems at the University of Missouri – Columbia) to select quail restoration areas. Study collaborators include MDC, NRCS, UM and QU.

Thomas V. Dailey
Missouri Department of Conservation
1110 South College Ave.
Columbia, MO 65201

Phone: (573) 882-9909 ext. 3278

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