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Texas Cooperative Extension Hosts Bobwhite Project Field Day

Dale Rollins (Professor and Wildlife Extension Specialist; Texas Cooperative Extension) and Ben Taylor (Graduate Research Assistant; Ph.D; Texas A&M University) hosted their USDA-NRCS/MSU Bobwhite Restoration Project Field Day Event in conjunction with the Red River Quail Symposium (RRQS) on October 13, 2006 in Wichita Falls, Texas. The RRQS featured topics on historical vegetation changes in Texas, role of brush and grazing management to enhance bobwhite habitat, economic impacts of quail hunting, state and federal financial incentives for accomplishing habitat management, and how to get started in quail management. The RRQS included trips to 2 local ranches managed for quail, the Birdwell & Clark Ranch and the Harvey Ranch (one of Ben's study sites). On the Harvey Ranch Tour, participants learned how to identify plants important to bobwhites, use EQIP brush control practices to enhance bobwhite populations, design and construct supplemental feeders to “hold” bobwhites in an area, and treat individual plants chemically and mechanically to create desired bobwhite habitat structures. Additional sessions focused on the interactions of quail, quail hunters, and bird dogs while in the field and an open discussion on improving lessee and rancher relations. About 140 people attended the event from 7 states. Exhibitors included Bamert Seed Co., US Bureau of Land Management, German Roasted Nuts, the USDA-NRCS/MSU Bobwhite Restoration Project, Quail Forever, Quail Unlimited, Rolling Red Prairie Kennels, Texas Cooperative Extension – Team Quail, Texas Brigades, The Noble Foundation, the Texas Wildlife Association, and USDA-NRCS.

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For more information, contact:

Dale Rollins
Professor and Wildlife Extension Specialist
Texas Cooperative Extension
7887 U.S. Hwy 87 North
San Angelo , TX 76901-9714
Phone: 325.653.4576
Fax: 915.658.4364

Dale Rollins

Dale Rollins (Texas Cooperative Extension) provides a few introductory remarks and an overview of the Field Day sessions. Approximately 140 resource professionals and private landowners attended the Field Day and symposium..


To illustrate the importance of the interspersion of bobwhite cover relative to food sources, participant engaged in the popular and educational “Run for your Life” exercise of the Bobwhite Brigade. Participants were required to “forage” in ever decreasing amounts of escape cover while both avian and mammalian (Rollins the Raccoon, pictured above) loomed nearby.

Ricky Linex

Ricky Linex (Texas NRCS) discusses the importance of being able to identify important bobwhite food plants.

Dale Harvey

Dale Harvey, owner of the Harvey Ranch, comments on the compatibility of brush and quail management on his “working” cattle ranch.

Dean Ransom

Dean Ransom (Texas Agricultural Research and Extension Center) explains the results of a prescribed burning study to alter mesquite-dominated landscapes to enhance bobwhite habitat.

Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor (Texas A&M University) provides some preliminary results of his study on quail response to EQIP brush control practices on the Harvey Ranch.

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