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Meet Kandis Cazenave, CFR ambassador

Meet Kandis Cazenave, CFR ambassador

Senior wildlife, fisheries and aquaculture major Kandis Cazenave has been passionate about nature as long as she can remember. Growing up in Vacherie, Louisiana, she hunted, fished, hiked, rode horseback and showed livestock. All of these activities shaped her interest in wildlife biology.

She has worked on numerous research projects as an undergraduate student including switch grass pine plantation habitat, white-tailed deer vege...

Natural resources workshop set for Feb. 26 in Greenville

Landowners and hunting clubs eager to earn extra income while improving land management for wildlife are invited to attend a Natural Resource Enterprises Business Workshop on Feb. 26 in Greenville.

"Landowners and farmers can seek new and innovative ways to earn extra money," said Daryl Jones, director of the Natural Resource Enterpris...


Quail, turkey management will be discussed Feb. 27

Landowners, managers and hunters wanting to learn how to develop their land for turkey and quail can take part in a seminar on Feb. 27.

Mississippi State University nd the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks are organizing the workshop, which will begin at 8:30 a.m. at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. Sessio...


Workshop will address wild hog management

Landowners, hunters and timber professionals across the state, including those in the Grenada County area, are educating themselves about a major nuisance to land and wildlife.

A Wild Hog Damage Management Workshop will take place from 8:45 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Grenada County Extension Office on Feb. 9. Topics include basic wildlif...


Doctoral student honored by water works association

A Mississippi State doctoral student in forest resources is being honored by the Alabama-Mississippi Section of the American Water Works Association.

Austin R. Omer of Starkville received a $2,000 scholarship during the organization's recent annual conference in Point Clear, Alabama. A former Illinois resident, he is pursuing an academ...


Trapping is best wild pig control method

Many Mississippians enjoy the sport of hunting wild pigs, but trapping is a better way to control the rapidly growing population that is destroying forests, damaging agricultural resources and threatening native wildlife in the state.

"Population studies by scientists show that hunting only removes about 25 percent of the populati...


MSU center hires experts to address wild hogs

Mississippi State University's Center for Resolving Human-Wildlife Conflicts recently announced the addition of two new staff members to address the growing challenge of controlling the state's wild hog population.

Mississippi State alumni Cliff Covington and Steven Tucker will coordinate and conduct educational workshops, field days a...


Delta plantation succeeds with conservation efforts

Conservation land management practices have made the Pleasant Lake Plantation in Leflore County a model of sustainability and functionality.

Pleasant Lake has about 1,700 acres near Greenwood. The plantation includes about 500 acres in row crop production, 600 acres in timber, 110 acres in Conservation Reserve Program grassland, along ...


New book helps landowners manage wildlife, fisheries

A new book should provide private landowners with a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide to current land management techniques for fisheries and wildlife.

Adam T. Rohnke, a certified wildlife biologist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, served as managing editor for "Fish and Wildlife Management: A Hand...


MSU wild hog research needs foresters, farmers

Mississippi State University scientists are conducting research to determine the economic impact of wild hog damage to agriculture in Mississippi.

Bronson Strickland and Jessica Tegt, Extension wildlife biologists in the university's Forest and Wildlife Research Center, are asking farmers and foresters to participate in the study.



Hunting and fishing help Mississippi's economy

Outdoor recreation in Mississippi provides income not only for those who own the land, but also for the state as a whole.

That's because economic impact is not limited to the first person who receives money for goods or services. Every dollar spent has direct effects, but it also has indirect and induced effects.

For example,...


MSU workshop will support natural resource enterprises

A July 17 workshop in Hattiesburg will help landowners recognize the income-generating potential of using their land in natural resource enterprises.

The Mississippi Forestry Commission, the U.S. Forest Service and the MSU Extension Service are offering the Natural Resources Enterprise Advanced Workshop. The event will be held at the F...


MSU student's idea is a prize-winning catch

Mississippi State University wildlife and fisheries major Charles Parker hooked the $10,000 first place prize during MSU's Office of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer Entrepreneurship Week for his fishing gear business.

Parker acquired Rod Sox, a fishing rod protector company, in May 2013 after deciding he wanted to follow in hi...


MSU offers four deer management workshops

The Mississippi State University Extension Service is offering white-tailed deer management workshops to give landowners and managers hands-on education on improving deer herds and hunting opportunities.

The workshops will be offered June 13-14 in Southaven at Heartland Church and July 18-19 at the MSU Central Research and Extension Ce...


April is ideal for planting dove plots

September and the opening of dove season are several months away, but planting food plots in spring allows plants to reach maturity before the dove hunting season begins.

Whether you're planting dove plots for personal or business use, they need proper preparation.

"Doves really depend on a lot of foods that are in agric...


Great wildlife food plots start with the soil

In the South, springtime means turkey hunting, bass fishing and preparing wildlife food plots.

Food plots are the most affordable way for hunters to provide high-quality forages for the deer, turkey and other wildlife on the property.

A productive, warm-season food plot can generate up to 4,000 pounds of high-quality forage p...


Hinds County will host Master Naturalist classes

Twenty-five people interested in environmental science and natural history can take eight weeks of classes as part of the process of becoming Master Naturalists.

The Mississippi State University Extension Service is partnering with the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science to offer the training. Classes will be held 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each ...


Fuel up: It's time for the spring migration

The days are getting longer, and the temperatures are warming up. Spring is almost here, and soon the birds will arrive.

More than 200 bird species migrate northward every spring from their wintering grounds in the southern U.S. and Central and South America.

Here in Mississippi, we are fortunate to be located on the Mississi...


Winter is the best time to trap wild hogs

Wild hogs continue to be a plague throughout Mississippi, occupying about half of the state's land area.

A farmer recently said, "I wish I had a deer problem." His statement summed up the hog problem very well. There's no doubt that deer can cause a lot of damage to certain crops, but that damage is minor compared to the dest...


Fishing Ponds: To fertilize or not to fertilize?

A fertilization program can greatly increase fish production in fishing ponds.

Adding nutrients stimulates the growth of the microscopic plants, or algae, that feed the small animals that feed the fish. Fertilization can increase fish production by three to four times, resulting in more fish, bigger fish or both in properly managed pon...


MSU offers three summer camps focused on nature

Registration is open for three summer camps for young people interested in wildlife, natural resources and outdoor recreation.

The Mississippi State University Extension Service and the MSU Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture are hosting two residential camps and one day camp.

Conservation Camp: Natural Resourc...


MSU event offers outdoor career options for girls

Young women interested in careers based on their love of the outdoors, wildlife and science can learn about job options from mentors and professionals at an upcoming event.

The Mississippi State University Extension Service is sponsoring Conservation Careers Discovery Days April 4-5. High school girls in ninth-twelfth grades can enjoy ...


Natural resources seminar to be held in Jackson Feb. 25

Landowners who want to earn extra income are invited to attend a Natural Resource Enterprises business workshop on Feb. 25 in Jackson.

"The workshop is designed to help landowners and farmers find new and innovative ways to earn extra income," said Daryl Jones, MSU associate Extension professor and Natural Resource Enterprise...


MSU offers game bird, prescribed burn seminars

Mississippi State University is offering land management workshops about game birds and prescribed burning in Panola and Pike counties.

The workshops are designed for landowners, foresters, loggers and wildlife biologists.

The MSU Extension Service, Forest and Wildlife Research Center, and the Mississippi Department of Wildli...


Learn how to manage a natural resource business

Landowners who want to earn extra income are invited to attend a Natural Resource Enterprises workshop on Feb. 4 in Rolling Fork.

Hosted by Mississippi State University, the workshop offers attendees the opportunity to learn different ways to make more money from their land. Topics include recreational businesses, marketing, cost-share...


Coastal agritourism seminar set for coast

Alligator trapping, birding ventures and Louisiana's laws are just a few of the topics to be addressed at the Coastal Eco/Agritourism Workshop in Lake Charles on February 11.

Coastal residents interested in earning income from nature-based tourism are invited to attend the one-day workshop at the Louisiana State University AgCenter's L...


Deer hunters need wild hog awareness

Most deer hunters will not encounter wild hogs, but if they do, wildlife biologists want them to be prepared.

At a recent wild hog seminar in Pontotoc, wildlife biologists emphasized the trouble these disease-carrying pests can cause human and wildlife populations. Speakers addressed the environmental impacts, the threats to fawns and ...


Land management for trophy bucks takes years

Mississippi is one of the best places in the country for deer hunting because of excellent natural habitat and good management by landowners and hunters.

Bronson Strickland, wildlife specialist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, said bagging a trophy buck is the successful result of time and careful implementation...


December seminar targets wild hog damage, control

Farmers and landowners know that wild hogs are not just nuisances; they are disease-carrying, destructive, invasive thieves that cannot be ignored.

Mississippi State University Extension Service is sponsoring a seminar in Pontotoc to educate the public on the need to manage the exploding population of wild hogs. The workshop will take ...


Buffers benefit bobwhite area quail and songbirds

Quail season will open in Mississippi Nov. 21 with relatively low bird populations, but new agricultural practices may provide a boost for the bob-white-whistling game fowl.

A recent Mississippi State University-led study found that implementation of an agricultural initiative known as Conservation Practice 33 - Habitat Buffers for Upl...


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