Retired MSU professor releases new book on fishing and hunting

By: Grace Jones

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Posted: 8/1/2022

Retired MSU professor releases new book on fishing and hunting Photo By: Dominique Belcher

A new book by a Mississippi State wildlife, fisheries and aquaculture professor emeritus recollects hunting and fishing in the South.

Donald Jackson's "A Sportsman's Journey," published by the University Press of Mississippi, is his fourth book and explores the connections between man and his environment.

Jackson, who continues teaching Principles of Fisheries Management in the College of Forest Resources, said he hopes readers garner a visceral experience of life in the great outdoors.

"I hope when people read the book, they feel as if they were with me while I experienced it. I want to create a shared journey people can relate to that is personal to them, even though this story explores my own hunting and fishing journeys," said Jackson, who joined the MSU faculty in 1986.

Copies of Jackson's book can be purchased through the University Press of Mississippi's website by visiting >

Jackson's career in teaching, research and wildlife left a beloved legacy and reputation with the MSU community. Distinguished specifically for his post-Hurricane Katrina restoration efforts in the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Jackson led teams to restore fisheries and collected funds for research. He was honored for his leadership in the American Fisheries Society Hurricane Disaster Relief Program.

Jackson became president of the American Fisheries Society in 2009 and is a fellow of the American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists. Throughout his career, he traveled to every continent, except Antarctica, and provided best management practices for fisheries, small bodies of water and coastal communities.

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