CFR Renew Series

June 2020: Wildlife Carnivore and Population Ecology

Previous Episodes

February 2020: Wood Protection

January 2020: Fisheries

November 2019: Ecosystem Modeling

October 2019: Wildlife Collections

September 2019: Wood Anatomy / ID

August 2019: Forestry Summer Field Program

June 2019: Pollinators

April 2019: Lignin-based Insulation

December 2018: Forest Economics & Trade

November 2018: White-tailed Deer, Wildlife

October 2018: Sustainable Bioproducts Marketing

September 2018: International Forestry

August 2018: Waterfowl and Wetlands Conservation

July 2018: Nano-Composites

June 2018: Urban Forestry / Forest Recreation

May 2018: Fisheries

April 2018: Cross-laminated Timber

March 2018: Prescribed Fire

February 2018: Wild Turkey Research

January 2018: Lumber Research

December: Hardwoods Research

November: White-tailed Deer Management

October: Sustainable Bioproducts

September: Forest Economics & MSU SAF student chapter

August: Conservation and Wildlife Habitat

July: Wood Preservation

June: Forestry

May: Fisheries

April: Lumber Testing

March: Forestry Summer Field Program

February: Study Abroad