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George Miller

Research Associate II

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George Miller

Wan, H., J. Dahlen, A. Mao, L. Sites, A. Rowlen, G. Miller, B. McClendon, M. Liu, X. Liu, D. Nicholas. 2017. Evaluation of the performance of composite wood decking bonded with phenol resorcinol formaldehyde and polyurethane adhesives after accelerated aging tests. Forest Products Journal 67(1-2):112-119. Download

Liu, X., G. Miller, X. Wang, H. Wan. 2016. A tool for evaluating the quality of laminated particleboard countertop. Wood and Fiber Science 48(4):297-301. Download

Poncsak, S., S.Q. Shi, D. Kocaefe, G. Miller Jr. 2007. Effect of thermal treatment of wood lumbers on their adhesive bond strength and durability. Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 21(8):745-754. Download

Shi, S.Q., A. Oppedal, G. Miller, M.F. Horstemeyer. 2006. Characterization of engineering wood adhesive behavior treated at elevated temperatures. Pages 163-169 in C.R. Frihart, editor, Wood Adhesives 2005. November 2-4, 2005. San Diego, CA.

Sellers, Jr., T., G.D. Miller, W. Smith. 2005. Tool wear properties of five extender/fillers in adhesive mixes for plywood. Forest Products Journal 55(3):27.31. Download

Sellers, Jr., T., G.D. Miller, Jr. 2004. Laboratory manufacture of high moisture southern pine strandboard bonded with three tannin adhesive types. Forest Products Journal 54(12):296-301. Download

Sellers, Jr., T., D.L. Butler, C.L. Griffin, D.E. Headley, G.D. Miller, Jr. 2000. Laboratory apparatus for applying air-sprayed powdered adhesive. Forest Products Journal 50(5):88-90.

Sellers, Jr., T., G.D. Miller, Jr., M.J. Fuller, J.G. Broder, R.R. Loper, II. 2000. Properties of low density composites made of kenaf core fiber. In: Kenaf Properties, Processing and Products. Chapter 29. Mississippi State University. Pp. 349-357.

Sellers, Jr., T., G.D. Miller, M. Katabian. 2000. Recycled thermoplastics with renewable lignocellulosic materials. Forest Products J. 50(5):24-28.

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