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Karen Brasher

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Karen Brasher

Kaminski, R.M., K. Brasher. 2009. Wonder weeds for waterfowl. Farming for Wildlife, Summer:52-54.

Kaminski, R.M., K. Brasher. 2007. Wonder weeds for waterfowl. Delta Wildlife 15(1):27-29. Download

Kaminski, R.M., K.A. Brasher. 2006. MSU researchers advise NOT to waste ‘waste rice.' Mississippi Agricultural Market Bulletin. Download

Tilley, B.K., K.A. Brasher, D.D. Nicholas, L. Sites, I.A. Munn, T.P. Schultz. 2005. Wood preservation in Mississippi. Tree Talk 27(4):28-32.

Borazjani, H., S.V. Diehl, H.S. Stewart, K.A. Brasher. 2004. Composting research targets forest products and poultry industries. BioCycle 45(5):42-44.

Brasher, K.A., E.D. Dibble, B. Ratliff. 2002. MSU professor puts teaching into practice with backyard wetland. Forest Landowner 61(2):33-34.

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