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Brent Frey

Nepal, S., J.E. Henderson, B.R. Frey, D.L. Grebner, S.D. Roberts. 2017. Evaluating economic impacts of different silvicultural approaches in sweetgum-nuttall oak-willow oak bottomland hardwood forests in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley. In G.E. Frey, P. Nepal, eds. Forest economics and policy in a changing environment: how market, policy, and climate transformations affect forests—Proceedings of the 2016 Meeting of the International Society of Forest Resource Economics. E-Gen. Tech. Rep. SRS-218. Asheville, NC: U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Southern Research Station. 154 p. Download

Ouyang, Y., J. Zhang, T. Leininger, B.R. Frey. 2015. A STELLA model to estimate water and nitrogen dynamics in a short-rotation woody crop plantation. Journal of Environmental Quality 44 (1):200-209. Download

Hatten, J.A., J. Sloan, B.R. Frey, J. Straub, R.M. Kaminski, A.W. Ezell. 2014. Soil and sediment carbon and nitrogen in Mississippi Alluvial Valley and interior flatwoods bottomlands. Soil Science Society of America Journal S1:S248-S260. Download

Duguid, M.C., B.R. Frey, D.S. Ellum, M. Kelty, M.S. Ashton. 2013. The influence of ground disturbance and gap position on understory plant diversity in upland forests of southern New England. Forest Ecology and Management 303:148-159. Download

Frey, B.R., M.S. Ashton, R. Campbell, M.C. Duguid. 2013. A century of silvicultural research and demonstration in working forests. In: L. Irland, A. Camp, and C.J.W. Carroll, editors, Long-term Forest Research: Volume 2. Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry Research Report, Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, New Haven, CT.

Milakovsky, B., B.R. Frey, T. James. 2012. Carbon dynamics in the boreal forest. In M.S. Ashton, M.L. Tyrrell, D. Spalding, and B.Gentry, editors, Managing Forest Carbon in a Changing Climate. Springer-Verlag, New York, NY.

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