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Courtney Siegert

Associate Professor
Forest Hydrology and Biogeochemistry
Undergraduate Coordinator

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Courtney Siegert

Hale, C. W., J. J. Granger, S. B. Correa, J. L. DuBien, C. M. Siegert. 2022. Atlantic white-cedar (Chamaecyparis thyoides [L.] B.S.P.) response post-hurricane disturbance. Forest Science 68(3):270-282. Download

Babi, E., K., H. D. Alexander, C. M. Siegert, J. L. Willis. 2020. Could canopy, bark, and leaf litter traits of encroaching non-oak species influence future flammability of upland oak forests? Forest Ecology and Management 458:1-11. Download

Hornslein, N., C. M. Siegert, H. J. Renninger. 2019. Changes in physiological functioning in loblolly pine trees undergoing bark beetle simulated mortality. Forest Science 65(3):312-323. Download

Hornslein, N., C. M. Siegert, H. J. Renninger. 2019. Physiological response of mid-canopy sweetgum trees to overstory loblolly pine mortality. Trees 33(1):139-151. Download

Siegert, C. M., N. Drotar, H. D. Alexander. 2019. Spatial and temporal variability of throughfall among oak and co-occurring non-oak tree species in an upland hardwood forest. Geoscience 9(10):405. Download

Siegert, C., K. Limpert, A. Karunarathna. 2017. Interspecific ecological and meteorological controls on forest canopy-derived hydrology and biogeochemistry in the Southeastern United States. Pages 116-128 in Proceedings of the Mississippi Water Resources Conference. Download

Siegert, C., D.F. Levia. 2014. Seasonal and meteorological effects on differential stemflow funneling ratios for two deciduous tree species. Journal of Hydrology 519:446-454. Download

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