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Brian Dorr

Adjunct Associate Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Management
Research Wildlife Biologist, USDA APHIS WS National Wildlife Research Center

Phone: 662-325-8216  Email:

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Brian Dorr

Burr, P. C., S. Samiappan, L. A. Hathcock, R. J. Moorhead, B. S. Dorr. 2019. Estimating waterbird abundance on catfish aquaculture ponds using an unmanned aerial system. Human-Wildlife Interactions 13(2):317-330. Download

Lafferty, D.J.R., K.C. Hanson-dorr, A.M. Prisock, B.S. Dorr. 2016. Biotic and abiotic impacts of Double-crested cormorant breeding colonies on forested islands in the southeastern United States. Forest Ecology and Management 369:10-19. Download

Ayers, C.S., K.C. Hanson-Dorr, S. O'Dell, C.D. Lovell, M.L. Jones, J.R. Suckow, B.S. Dorr. 2015. Impacts of colonial waterbirds on vegetation and potential restoration of island habitats. Restoration Ecology 23(3):252-260. Download

Dorr, B.S., K.C. Hanson-Dorr, T.L. DeVault, A. Guillaumet, S.C. Barras. 2014. Geographic segregation and evidence of density-dependent changes in sex ratios in an abundant colonial waterbird. Integrative Zoology 9:570-582. Download

Guillaumet, A., B.S. Dorr, G. Wang, T.J. Doyle. 2014. Population dynamics of the double-crested cormorants in the Great Lakes area: The cumulative effects of management. Ibis 156: 141-152. Download

Dorr, B., L.W. Burger, S.C. Barras, K. Godwin. 2012. Economic impact of double-crested cormorant (Phalacrocorax auritus) eepredation on channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) aquaculture in Mississippi, USA. Journal of World Aquaculture Society 43:502-513. Download

Dorr, B.S., L.W. Burger Jr., S.C. Barras. 2012. Double-crested cormorant distribution on catfish aquaculture in the Yazoo River Basin of Mississippi. Wildlife Society Bulletin 36:1-8. Download

Guillaumet, A. B. Dorr, G. Wang. 2012. Towards optimized population control efficiency in space and time: A modelling framework adapted to a colonial waterbird. Ecological Modelling 235-236: 95-101. Download

Guillaumet, A., B. Dorr, G. Wang, J. Taylor, R. Chipman, H. Scherr, J. Bowman, K. Abraham, T. Doyle, E. Cranker. 2011. Determinants of local and migratory movements of Great Lakes double-crested cormorants. Behavioral Ecology 22: 1096-1103. Download

Strickland, B., B. S. Dorr, F. Pogmore, G. Nohrenberg, S.C. Barras, J.E. McConnell, J. Gobeille. 2011. Effects of management on double-crested Cormorant nesting colony fidelity. Journal of Wildlife Management 75(5):1012-1021. Download

King, D.T., B.F. Blackwell, B. Dorr, J.L. Belant. 2010. Effects of aquaculture on migration and movement patterns of double-crested cormorants. Human Wildlife Interactions 4:77-86. Download

Dorr, B.S., L.W. Burger Jr., S.C. Barras. 2008. Evaluation of aerial cluster sampling of double-crested cormorants on aquaculture ponds in Mississippi. Journal of Wildlife Management 72:1634-1640.Download

Pearse, A. T., B. S. Dorr, S. J. Dinsmore, R. M. Kaminski. 2007. Comparison of sampling strategies to estimate abundance of double-crested cormorants in western Mississippi. Human-Wildlife Conflicts 1:27-34. Download

Jones, J.C., B.S. Dorr. 2004. Habitat associations of gopher tortoise burrows on industrial timberlands. Wildlife Society Bulletin 32 (2):456-464. Download

Dorr, B., I.A. Munn, K.O. Meals. 2002. A socioeconomic and biological evaluation of current and hypothetical crappie regulations in Sardis Lake, Mississippi: An integrated approach. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 22:1376-1384. Download

Miranda, L.E., R.E. Brock, B.S. Dorr. 2002. Uncertainty of exploitation estimates made from tag returns. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 22:1358-1563. Download

Miranda, L.E., B.S. Dorr. 2000. Size selectivity of crappie angling. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 20:706-710. Download

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