Conservation Biology

Students interested in managing biodiversity with wildlife habitat with the goal of protecting species and ecosystems should consider this major.

Conservation Biology Concentration

This curriculum provides undergraduate students with a comprehensive background necessary for careers in conservation biology. Students will be equipped to address population ecology, imperiled and at-risk species, global threats to biodiversity, preservation of naturally-occurring wildlife and habitat, conservation of wildlife outside their natural habitat (zoos and preserves), conservation planning, and the social and cultural elements of conservation. This concentration is intended for serious, academically strong students.

Scholarship Information

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Students may apply for university, college and departmental scholarships through one application. You can find the scholarship application once you logon to myState. Under the banner tab, select Financial Aid and Scholarships. The application is listed as Submit/Revise General Scholarship Application.

Freshmen-only scholarships: Priority date for application is December 1.

All other students: Scholarship application close date is March 1.

New freshmen and transfer students who need information should contact Cory Bailey. All other students should contact Lanna Miller, Office of Student Services at 662.325.9376.


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