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Membership Benefits

Here's What You Get...

The Roots of Forestry

SAF is the nation's leading scientific and educational organization representing the forestry profession in the United States. Members include more than 16,000 professionals who are dedicated to improving the health and productivity of forests.

As a forest management or natural resource professional, you'll be making crucial decisions that can impact the future. SAF programs and services help prepare you for the environmental challenges that lie ahead.

Networking Opportunities

Take advantage of the wisdom of professionals with expertise that represents the broad diversity of the profession. Connect to your colleagues by participating in local and national programs and events or online. As a student member, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Interact with people who represent the diversity of the profession.
  • Meet potential employers at local programs.
  • Attend SAF's annual national convention where hundreds of students take advantage of the unique opportunity to meet and learn from seasoned professionals.
  • Participate in events at a fraction of the cost of the Professional Member fee.

Access to Technical Expertise

Your membership includes affiliation with up to three Working Groups that focus on specific areas of scientific interest. Working Group newsletters, education sessions, and networking opportunities keep you in touch with the people and information in your areas of interest. SAF's 28 Working Groups include such diverse subjects as forest ecology, wilderness management, economy and law, remote sensing and GIS, wildlife and fish ecology, silviculture, fire management, urban forestry, forest genetics, soil conservation, climatology, philosophy, and recreation.

The Latest Information

SAF's award-winning, internationally acclaimed publication, the Journal of Forestry , is the most widely read forestry periodical in the world. Join SAF, and it's a built-in benefit. Membership also includes a subscription to The Forestry Source, the newspaper that covers the latest critical issues affecting natural resources and what's happening inside SAF. Twice a month SAF brings the latest forestry news directly to your desk with E-Forester, a free email newsletter created to help SAF members stay on top of what's happening in forestry, natural, resources, and inside the Society. "Get connected" through Forestry Focus, where you can post questions online and find solutions on forestry issues and concerns.

Forestry Resources Online

SAF's state of the art website includes the latest forestry and policy news, recent SAF press releases, journal abstracts, classified ads, a complete listing of all certified foresters in the country and more.

National Awards

Each year, the Society of American Foresters (SAF) recognizes individual members for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the forestry profession.

Money-saving Benefits

Your membership entitles you to substantial discounts on informative publications, stimulating conventions, and a wide array of merchandise.

Leadership Skills

Become active in your student chapter or in a local SAF unit and acquire the vital skills that employers are seeking.

A Voice in the Media

SAF promotes accurate and balanced coverage of forestry issues in the media. SAF also responds to media inquiries and works to correct misinformation about forestry issues and practices. Your membership supports this vital effort.

Representation In Your Professional Organization

Student members have a voice in SAF through the National Student Assembly (NSA), which meets once a year during the national convention. It's an opportunity for students to help determine the future direction of Society programs and activities. Throughout the year, the NSA chair represents student interests to national leadership.

So take advantage of all the benefits and features that your membership offers. And, spread the word to your fellow students to help keep SAF growing!