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MSU's SAF Student Chapter/Forestry Club holds several activities throughout the year. Members and interested students are welcome to participate.

Monthly General Meetings:

The chapter organized monthly meetings during fall 2010 and spring 2011. During the meetings, officers and members discussed and scheduled upcoming chapter activities such as Habitat for Humanity and Adopt-a-Highway projects, Fall and Spring Field Days, preparation for competitions during the Association of Southern Forestry Clubs 2011 Conclave, SAF 2010 and 2011 National Conventions, 2011 Southeastern Natural Resources Graduate Student Symposium, Earth Day, Arbor Day, Project Learning Tree, Wood Magic Science Fair, and CFR Alumni Homecoming Tailgate. The members also discussed involvement in events organized by professional organizations such Mississippi SAF and Mississippi Forestry Association Annual Meetings. In addition, Chapter members discussed organization of the joint meeting with the MSU Student Chapter of American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. Chapter members also discussed participation in events organized by the College of Forest Resources, fundraising activities, donations, and scheduled future chapter regular meetings. Important part of those discussions was renewal of SAF membership, developing strategies for recruiting new members, and increasing awareness of SAF membership benefits.

Invited Speakers:

The Chapter sponsored presentations for chapter members and all students. Invited speakers included representatives of Weyerhaeuser, Westervelt Company, and Boy Scouts of America. The speakers made presentations on management of forests for timber and wildlife, talked about organization of their companies, their missions, and discussed existing opportunities for internships and permanent job placements. They discussed job application process and distributed job applications. Students enjoyed this opportunity because they could interact with company representatives face to face and submit their applications. Free food and drinks were provided to promote attendance. In addition, the chapter sponsored the following events:

Westervelt Interview Day:

A day-long interview session was organized to recruit students for summer internships and permanent jobs. The interview was conducted by representatives of Westervelt Company. The interviews took place in the building of College of Forest Resources and undergraduate and graduate students could sign up for interview time slots. It was an extremely useful and educational experience for students to prepare and practice for interviews and see how the interview process works. This was also a unique opportunity to gain professional experience in forestry as many students in the past were offered internships which often led to permanent jobs.

A Joint Meeting with Student Chapter of American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing:

Traditionally, a joint meeting was held with MSU Student Chapter of American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing in spring 2011. The meeting featured presentation by company representative on the use of GIS in forestry and importance of data quality. Career prospects in this field were also discussed. The SAF Student Chapter provided free pizza to encourage increase attendance.

Service to the Community

Habitat for Humanity

Several Chapter members worked on a local residential house for a family in Starkville, Mississippi. The effort was part of the Mississippi State University students, faculty and staff effort to build a house through Mississippi State University Chapter for Humanity. Chapter members have been involved in the humanity program for five years.

Adopt-a-Highway Program

In fall 2010 and spring 2011 Chapter members gathered and cleaned up a two- mile stretch of Highway 12 located close to Starkville, Mississippi. They walked along both sides of the highway and picked up any and all trash along the side of the highway. The chapter members clean this section of highway at least twice a year and try to engage other organizations in the process.

Project Learning Tree

In spring 2011, members of the Chapter prepared a program for the Project Learning Tree 2011 activities for the second grade students at the Sudduth Elementary School in Starkville, Mississippi. The Chapter members prepared the program to teach students about types of trees, everyday products from trees and how to save trees and other resources so their children will be able to enjoy them in the future. This activity allows the Chapter members to reach out to children that otherwise would never know the importance of the trees that surround them. Many Chapter members signed up for this activity; however, due to unforeseen organizational aspects the school's request to reschedule the event. It will be conducted in fall 2011.

Project Learning Tree Training

Chapter members organized a meeting to prepare for the Project Learning Tree. They trained to gain experience on how to share the knowledge of trees to children. They also shared experience from previous years on conducting this program. The chapter members decided on activities and prepared a list of needed supplies.

Wood Magic Science Fair

On two days, Chapter members helped with the fair, which was organized by the Mississippi State University College of Forest Resources and Department of Forest Products. They helped to shuttle students from demonstration station to next demonstration station and helped serve lunch. The 4th grade students visited 12 stations were they were familiarized with forestry, woods products, wood technology, and wildlife through demonstrations and hands-on experience. About 4,000 students from all over Mississippi attended the fair and the chapter help was greatly appreciated.

2010 Mid-South Forestry Equipment Show

The Chapter members manned a concession stand, cooked and sold burgers and beverages to individuals attending the show. The Chapter used the proceeds to fund chapter activities. The show was attended by almost 6,000 thousand individuals.

Professional Involvement

Mississippi Forestry Association 73nd Annual Meeting

Six Chapter members attended the meeting held on October, 13-15, 2010 in Lake Terrace Convention Center, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Attending members included Emily Fleming, Michael Frew, Jay Hall, Amanda Miller, Robert Milner, and Drew Summers. Students had an opportunity to interact with forestry professionals and discuss employment opportunities in forestry.

Society of American Foresters 2010 National Convention

During October 27-31, 2010 the Chapter representatives attended the SAF National Convention. The representing members were responsible for preparing, maintaining and hosting an exhibit booth representing the student Chapter and forestry at Mississippi State University. Four of these members represented the chapter in the SAF Quiz Bowl. Clay Mangum also served as SAF Regions Student Representative to the SAF Student Member Executive Council. Chapter members attended many concurrent sessions, visited poster sessions, and interacted with numerous professionals and SAF representatives. They also had an opportunity to interact with other students attending the convention. The members attended the Student Orientation and Reception, National Student Congress, Diversity Reception, and job fair. The Chapter received a special recognition for achieving 3rd Place in 2010 SAF Outstanding Student Chapter Award for the United States and the 1st Place for the Student Chapter Website during the same time period. Many student chapters from across the country participated in both contests. Attending members included Ben Kahlmus, Chesley Heatherly, Clay Mangum, Amanda Miller, and Kyle Porter.

Association of Southern Forestry Clubs Conclave 2011

During March 17-20, 2011, twelve members of the Chapter participated in the conclave where they competed with other southern forestry schools in various technical and physical competitions. The conclave was held in Athens, Georgia. Chapter representatives placed 1st in pole climbing and 2nd in log rolling competitions. They also ranked 1st in shortwood toss and overall received 1st place in non-point competitions. Attending members included Kate Brown, Emily Fleming, Michael Frew, Jay Hall, Ryan Hall, Anna Jones, Min Lee, Clay Mangum, Amanda Miller, Tyler Pickering, Nick Smith, and Jonathan Stoll.

Mississippi Society of American Foresters 2011 Annual Meeting

During April 5-7, 2011, several Chapter members attended the meeting. They represented the MSU SAF Student Chapter and had an opportunity to interact with various forestry professionals from across the state. Chapter President, Amanda Miller, received Mississippi SAF Student Chapter Leadership Award during the Awards Banquet.

2010 Fall and 2011 Spring Field Days

These events were organized to provide students of the College of Forest Resources with an opportunity to practice for physical event competition for the Association of Forestry Southern Schools 2011 Conclave. Field days were conducted to get the students together outside of class to bond and practice events for the spring conclave. Faculty members provide assistance to students to help them prepare for the conclave. Typically, the practice starts early in the morning with students gathering at the Dorman Lake Lodge and features a review for dendrology with a professor, which is later followed with learning about each of the activities that will be done in competition at conclave. Students then get the opportunity to try their luck at any competition they choose. The event is also open to students outside the Chapter. All conclave competitions were available for practicing and to determine who was able or willing to represent the College of Forest Resources in particular competition. Lunch was served free of charge and was followed by a bonfire with free dinner and music to facilitate the students getting to know each other outside the classroom.

Service to students, Department, College, and University

2011 Southeastern Natural Resource Graduate Student Symposium

Chapter members helped organize the symposium during March 2-4, 2011. The goal of the symposium was to provide graduate students from Southeastern United States with a platform for improving their presentation skills, exchange reasearch ideas, and increase networking activities. There were 17 poster and 47 oral presentations. The symposium included keynote addresses, networking forums, panel discussions, and workshops. Several graduate Chapter members formed a steering committee that oversaw organization of the symposium, with David Wilkinson leading the effort. Undergraduate Chapter members set up and manned the booth exhibit promoting the SAF Student Chapter.

Earth Day 2011

The Chapter members participated in activities of the 3rd Annual Earth Day and ECO week organized at Mississippi State University campus. The Chapter members set up an exhibit booth in the Colvard Student Union building and talked to students about trees and their importance, and explained how to conserve natural resources.

Arbor Day 2011

Chapter members helped plant trees around the campus. The goal of this event is to increase greenery and beautify the campus. Chapter faculty co-advisor, Dr. Andrew Ezell, made a featured presentation on Arbor Day and its history as well as importance of trees. The Chapter is recognized as a campus leader for this type of activity and the chapter members were able to teach non-forestry students how to plant trees and become part of a reforestation effort.

Community College Day

Chapter members set up an exhibit booth and met and talked to students who were planning to transfer to Mississippi State University. They explained what the College of Forest Resources was about and explained how students can be involved in forestry profession.

Fall Preview Day

Chapter members set up an exhibit booth and talked to potential students about employments opportunities in forestry profession and involvement within the College of Forest Resources.

College of Forest Resources Graduation Reception

Chapter members helped organize and prepare for a reception for the graduating class of 2011.

College of Forest Resources Awards Banquet

In spring 2011, Chapter members helped organize and prepare for the awards for the faculty, staff and students of all three departments in the College. The Chapter purchased cheese to be included in gift baskets for donors.

College of Forest Resources Welcome Back BBQ

Chapter members helped greet new students into College of Forest Resources. They also had an exhibit booth and talked about SAF Student Chapter and benefits of SAF membership.

College of Forest Resources Dean's Council End of School Lunch

Chapter members helped organize a lunch for students to celebrate end of semester and recognize their studying efforts. The members helped served food, beverages, and clean up after the event.

College of Forest Resources Alumni Tailgate

Several Chapter members helped organize the tailgate during homecoming weekend. They helped set up tables, served food, and assisted alumni attending the event.

Fundraising and donations

2010 Mid-South Forestry Equipment Show

The Chapter members manned a concession stand, cooked and sold burgers and beverages to individuals attending the show. The Chapter used the proceeds to fund chapter activities. The show was attended by almost 6,000 thousand individuals.

T-shirt Sale

The chapter sponsored a sale of new t-shirts with a Forestry Club logo. The goal of this fundraising was to raise money for chapter activities and donate money for charitable causes.

Swinging for St. Jude Hospital

The Chapter served as a 3rd base sponsor and donated $300 to the Delta Delta Delta Sorority Swinging for St. Jude Hospital Softball Tournament. The Chapter had an advertisement in the event book and a banner that was displayed during the event.

Donor Baskets

The Chapter sponsored purchase of cheese that was included in baskets for donors during College of Forest Resources Awards Banquet.

Interested in Joining MSU's SAF Student Chapter/Forestry Club?

Come to one of our meetings or join by filling out the online form at the SAF national site.