State Law Enforcement

State Marine Law Enforcement

Alabama Marine Resource Division
Alabama Marine Police
California Marine Region
Georgia Coastal Resources
Maine Department of Marine Resources
Marine Forensic Lab
Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries
Mississippi Department of Marine Resources
New Jersey Bureau of Marine Fisheries
New Mexico Marine Law Enforcement
North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries-Marine Patrol
Virginia Marine Resources Commission

State Inland Law Enforcement

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's Enforcement
Arizona Game and Fish Department
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Law Enforcement
Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
California Department of Fish and Game
Colorado Division of Wildlife
Connecticut Department of Environmental. Protection
Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Georgia Wildlife Resources Division
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources
Idaho Fish & Game
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Illinois Conservation Enforcement
Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks
Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
Louisiana Department.of Wildlife and Fisheries
Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Maryland Department. of Natural Resources Police
Massachusetts Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Environmental Law Enforcement
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks
Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Missouri Department of Conservation
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
Nebraska Game and Parks
Nevada Divsion of Wildlilfe
Nevada Department of Conservation & Natural Resources
New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife
New Mexico Game and Fish
New York Department of Environmental Conservation
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
North Dakota Game and Fish
Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
South Carolina Deptartment of Natural Resources
South Dakota Department of Game, Fish & Parks
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Texas Parks and Wildlife
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife
Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Wyoming Game and Fish

Non-Governmental Organizations

The National Trappers Association
The Game Warden's Place
Alberta Game Warden
Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies
National Wildlife Federation
National Parks Conservation Association
Michigan Conservation Officer Association
American Academy of Forensic Science
(PAW) Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime
National Audubon Society
Alaska Fish Cops
MSU Research to Assist Conservation Law Enforcement
National Smallmouth Alliance
Alabama Wildlife Federation
Wildlife Disease Association
National Sheriffs' Association
International Association of Marine Investigators
International Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies
Mississippi Wildlife Federation
World Pheasant Association
Whitetails Unlimited
US Sportmen's Alliance
Trout Unlimited
The Mule Deer Foundation
Texas Deer Association
Ruffed Grouse Society
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Quail Unlimited
Pheasants Forever
North American Pronghorn Foundation
North American Native Fishes Association
North American Game Bird Association
National Wild Turkey Federation
National Shooting Sports Foundation
National Rifle Association
Missouri River Flyfishers
Mississippi Outdoors
International Wild Waterfowl Association
International Game Fish Association
Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council
Great Lakes Fishery Commission
Freshwater Society
Federation of Fly Fishers
Delta Waterfowl Foundation
Center for Wildlife Law
Boone and Crockett Club
Atlantic Salmon Federation
American Wildlands
American Society of International Law
American Fisheries Society
Alberta Fish & Game Association
American Sportfishing Association
Rangers on the Web

Conservation Officers Associations

The Game Rangers Association of Africa
Washington Game Warden Association
New England Park Rangers Association
Missouri Conservation Agents Association
Texas Game Warden Association
Australian Rangers Association
Conservation Officers of Pennsylvania Association
Federal Wildlife Officers Association
Idaho Conservation Officers Association
Illinois Conservation Police Association
Kentucky Conservation Officer's Association
Manitoba Natural Resource Officer's Association
Saskatchewan Association of Conservation Officers
California Fish and Game Warden's Association
Association of National Park Rangers
South Dakota Conservation Officers Association
International Ranger Federation
Ontario Conservation Officers Association
North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association - NAWEOA
Michigan Conservation Officer Association
New York Conservation Officers Association

Firearm Companies

Winchester Firearms
Thompson-Center Firearms
Smith & Wesson Firearms
Savage Arms
Ruger Firearms
Remington Firearms
Olympic Arms
Mossberg Firearms
Marlin Firearms
Ithaca Gun Company
High Standard Firearms
Freedom Arms
Dakota Arms
Benelli Firearms
Barrett Firearms
ArmaLite Firearms

International & National Organizations of Interest

Canada Environmental Law Enforcement
France Wildlife Law Enforcement
Department of Homeland Security
USDA Wildlife Services
US Department of Homeland Security
Wildlife Law Enforcement in the United Kingdom
Nova Scotia Canada- Wildlife Division
US Department of Homeland Security-Mississippi
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
North American Wildlife Enforcement Memorial Museum
United Kingdom Wildlife Law Enforcement
Natural Resources Conservation Service
US Army Corps of Enginers
Canada Wildlife Forensic
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
NAWEG - North American Wildlife Enforcement Group
Canada Wildlife Law Enforcement
International Network for Environmental Complianace and Enforcement
Federal Bureau of Investigation
United States Secret Service
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
U.S. Marshals Service
US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Trent University Wildlife Forensic DNA Laboratory
National Forensics Academy
New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Health and Forensics
Canada Wildlife Forensic DNA Laboratory

Federal Law Enforcement

USDA Forest Service

USDA Forest Service Law Enforcement
USDA Forest Service Law Enforcement Links Page
USDA Forest Service Intermountain Region
USDA Forest Service Southwestern Region
USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region
USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Region
USDA Forest Service Eastern Region
USDA Forest Service Alaska Region
USDA Forest Service Drug Investigation
USDA Forest Service Law Enforcement & Investigation
USDA Forest Service Northern Region
USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Region
USDA Forest Service Southern Region
USDA Forest Service Law Enforcement Overview

US Coast Guard

US Coast Guard Office of Law Enforcement
US Coast Guard Living Marine Resources
US Coast Guard Southeast Regional FisheriesTraining Center
US Coast Guard Gulf Regional Fisheries Training Center
US Coast Guard Northeast Regional Fisheries Training
US Coast Guard 9th District-Great Lakes
US Coast Guard 13th District-Pacific Northwest
US Coast Guard 17th District- Alaska
US Coast Guard 14th District-Hawaii & Guam
US Coast Guard 8th District-Central US & Gulf Coast
US Coast Guard 11th District-California area
US Coast Guard 5th District Mid Atlantic Law Enforcement
US Coast Guard 7th District-Florida area

Law Enforcement Jobs

Game Warden Jobs
USAJOBS - USFWS Job Search, etc.
Student jobs with USFWS
JobMonkey -Search Federal Jobs
Federal & State job links
Park Ranger Job Listings
NPS Jobs in Yellowstone
BLM Online Application System

Bureau of Land Management

BLM Arizona Office
BLM California Office
BLM Careers (law enforcement)
BLM Colorado Office
BLM Colorado-Rangers
BLM Colorado-Special Agents
BLM Idaho Office
BLM Jackson's Special Agent contact
BLM Law Enforcement
BLM Montana-Office
BLM Nevada Office
BLM New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Office
BLM Special Agents-Eastern States
BLM Utah Office (Law Enforcement)
BLM Utah Office
BLM Wyoming Office
BLM Alaska Office
Bureau of Land Management Law Enforcement Rangers
BLM Eastern States Office
BLM Jackson Field Office
BLM Oregon & Washington State Office
BLM Criminal Investigator job description

National Park Service

NPS (law enforcement training FLETC)
NPS (Park Rangers duties, contacts, etc.)
NPS Alaska Region
NPS Field Offices Contacts
NPS Law Enforcement Program
NPS Pacific West Region
NPS Regional Contacts
NPS Seasonal Law Enforcement Program
NPS Southwest Regional Office

US. Fish & Wildlife Service

USFWS Alaska Region Law Enforcement
USFWS Wildlife Inspectors
USFWS Wildlife Forensic Labatories
USFWS Special Agents
USFWS Special Agent-Natchez MS Office
USFWS Special Agent-Hattiesburg MS Office
USFWS Special Agent-Grenada MS Office
USFWS Atlanta Regional Office of Law Enforcement
USFWS Office of Law Enforcement
USFWS Pacific Region's Law Enforcement
USFWS Law Enforcement
USFWS Inspectors-New Orleans Port
USFWS Inspectors-Atlanta Port
USFWS Forensics
USFWS Field Office of Law Enforcement-Jackson
USFWS Division of Law Enforcement
USFWS Alaska Special Agent & Inspector
USFWS Great Lakes Region Law Enforcement
USFWS Mountain Prairie Region Law Enforcement
USFWS Northeast Region Law Enforcement
USFWS Southeast Region Law Enforcement
USFWS Southwest Region Law Enforcement

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

NOAA Office of Law Enforcement - Northwest Division
NOAA Alaska Regional Office
NOAA Office of Law Enforcement - Northeast Division
NOAA Northeast Regional Office
NOAA Northwest Regional Office
NOAA NMFS Office of Law Enforcement
NOAA Office of Law Enforcement- Alaska Division
NOAA Office of Law Enforcement- Southeast Division
NOAA Office of Law Enforcement Special Agent and Enforcement Officer Employment Opportunities
NOAA Pacific Islands Regional Office
NOAA Southeast Regional Office
NOAA Southwest Regional Office
NOAA Special Agent & Enforcment Officer Training
NOAA Office of Law Enforcement - Southwest Division

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