Wildlife Research and Outreach

Following the land grant mission, wildlife research in our department is founded in a vision for sustainable and responsible use of wildlife resources and their habitats. Our faculty and students work in systems from natural to urban environments in Mississippi and abroad, with particular emphasis on intensively managed semi-natural landscapes. With expertise in ecological phenomena ranging in scale from microcosms to broad geographic extents, we are committed to research that is both scientifically novel and socioeconomically valuable. Our department represents a diverse combination of skills and approaches from empirical field studies to statistical and computational advancements furthering our understanding of wildlife ecology and management in a rapidly changing world. Learn more about our faculty and their research in the faculty directory. Details related to specific research laboratories are listed below.

Our department also hosts the Mammals of Mississippi database, an interactive web-based tool to discover and learn more about the variety of mammalian wildlife in our state. This is an excellent resource for students, wildlife professionals, and K-12 educators seeking information about species of interest and their distributions throughout the state.

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