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New MSU research effort seeks to ensure long life for new houses

Ensuring that newly constructed homes have a chance to survive to a ripe old age is the goal of a recently established collaboration at Mississippi State.

A joint endeavor among several campus units, the university's new effort in Southern climatic housing research is providing an organized approach to developing, testing and transfer...


MSU doctoral student takes first place in wood science competition

The research report of a Mississippi State doctoral student in forest resources is being praised by an international body.

M. Sridhar Balaji Bhaskar's evaluation of the use of ferns to extract metals from contaminated soils recently earned first-place honors from the Society of Wood Science and Technology. A native of India, he was amo...


MSU researcher outlines lean system for furniture production

Lean production—an engineering term for the ability to produce more with less—is the subject of a new book co-authored by a Mississippi State faculty member.

Associate professor Steve L. Hunter of the university's Forest and Wildlife Research Center has collaborated with J. T. Black on a reference work titled "Lean Manufacturing System...


MSU forest products scientists produce wood protection guide

The latest information about wood decay and its prevention are the subjects of a new reference book co-edited by two Mississippi State faculty members.

"Wood Deterioration and Preservation: Advances in Our Changing World" is the culmination of two years' work by university forest products professors Darrel D. Nicholas and Tor P. Schult...


Recent report by MSU doctoral student gains international listing

An international body is praising the research report of a Mississippi State doctoral student that evaluates the use of plants to extract metals from contaminated soils.

M. Sridhar Balaji Bhaskar, a doctoral student in forest resources from India, was among three honored recently for investigative achievements in competition open to st...


Industry executive to head MSU's department of forest products

An industry executive who served as global manager for a major manufacturer of specialty chemicals is the new head of Mississippi State's forest products department.

Liam E. Leightley, who assumes his new duties after a decade with Pennsylvania-based Rohm and Haas, now will lead the largest state-funded laboratory of its kind in the U...


MSU research yielding new control for off-flavor catfish

Three scientists are teamed at Mississippi State University to find a solution to one of the catfish industry's costliest problems.

Anita Kelly, a fisheries biologist in wildlife and fisheries, William Holmes, Senior Development Scientist with the Mississippi State Chemical Laboratory, and Tor Schultz, a wood chemist in forest products,...


New MSU project explores new use for small-diameter trees

Mississippi State is teaming with an Australian company to locate an engineered-lumber pilot plant on the Starkville campus.

The university's Forest and Wildlife Research Center is working with TimTek, a firm with offices in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, and Clarkesville, Ga., to develop a commercial market for a process the company ha...


Early pine beetle detection goal of MSU study

Just an eighth of an inch long, the Southern pine beetle is a big pest in Mississippi's forests, destroying thousands of trees each year.

The wood-boring insect soon may take less of a bite out of Mississippi forests, thanks to a new project in Mississippi State University's Forest and Wildlife Research Center. Scientists there are us...


International society honors MSU faculty member

Mississippi State University faculty member Michael Barnes is receiving the Forest Products Society's 2002 Fred W. Gottschalk Memorial Award.

The award recognizes and honors exceptional service to the international organization by an individual member. It is presented annually in memory of the society's first president, who died in a...


New MSU software gives sawmills a competitive edge

Many sawblades in hardwood sawmills remove slightly more than a quarter of an inch of wood for each piece of lumber sawn from logs. That may not seem like a lot, but multiplied by the countless sawlines made each year at Mississippi's hardwood sawmills, it represents a lot of potential lumber turned into sawdust.

A new computer software...


MSU to break ground next week for Franklin Furniture Center

Mississippi State University breaks ground Tuesday [May 28] for a new 35,000 square-foot furniture manufacturing and management center.

To be located at the intersection of Blackjack Road and Locksley Way on the western edge of the Starkville campus, the building will be named for Chickasaw County furniture manufacturer and lead contrib...


MSU scientists working to fill big wood preservative gap

Within two years, U.S. homeowners will lose their first line of defense against the forces that can destroy decks, fences and other wooden outdoor structures.

The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced the phase-out of chromated copper arsenate--CCA--a wood preservative used to pressure-treat lumber for protection against ...


MSU chemical engineer bringing ozone research down to earth

Mark Zappi is on a mission to make sure ozone gets the respect it deserves. A gas found in the Earth's atmosphere, ozone has been in the headlines recently because of theories its depletion may contribute to global warming.

For the Mississippi State University chemical engineering professor, ozone offers a more down-to-earth benef...


MSU furniture institute appoints new director

The Institute for Furniture Manufacturing and Management is Mississippi State's newest public service center and forestry professor Steven H. Bullard is its first director.

A university faculty member since 1983, Bullard heads a multidisciplinary research unit drawing on the expertise of faculty and staff in MSU's Forest and Wildlife ...


USDA honoring MSU for innovative forestry presentation

An annual Mississippi State University exposition for elementary-age students is receiving a major United States Department of Agriculture accolade.

At ceremonies Monday [June 4] in Washington, D.C., Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman will present the 2001 Honor Award to the Wood Magic Science Fair program.

Designed especially...


MSU introduces no-cost software for furniture rough mills

New software recently developed at Mississippi State University promises to be a boon for the furniture industry by taking the guesswork out of managing lumber cut up by rough mills.

Rough mills turn lumber into the rectangular pieces that eventually become finished furniture components. Since lumber represents 50-60 percent of furnitu...


MSU students joggle modern furniture skills and old boards

Joggling boards, an early 19th century favorite of Southern children and couples in love, are being upgraded by a group of Mississippi State University students for a new generation of fans.

The benches are 16-foot lengths of board suspended between two sturdy supports with curved bottoms. The supports' rocking motion combines with th...


New MSU-created software making furniture design easier

Scientists at Mississippi State's Forest and Wildlife Research Center, in cooperation with the Weyerhauser Co., are expanding the distribution of a free software-training program for design and quality-control engineers in the furniture industry.

Developed at the university, the "ChoiceFrame" program models 13 different joints used thr...


MSU displays new hot press for board making

Mississippi State University put on display its unique hot press, one of just nine operating in North America.

In early November, MSU's Forest Products Laboratory demonstrated its composites hot press in an open house for representatives of different industries. Composite boards can be made of combinations of wood, agr...


Program helps Forest Products grads land MS jobs

A new program at Mississippi State University is helping forest products graduates find good jobs without leaving the state.

This fall, MSU's Department of Forest Products acting through the College of Forest Resources created four new emphasis areas within the forest products degree. This was done to expand the caree...


Forest Products Lab Works To Protect Air

Biofilters may be the key to protecting Mississippi's air quality and wood industry as each new decade brings stricter regulations to protect the environment.

Susan Diehl, associate professor with the Forest Products Laboratory at Mississippi State University, said the 1990 Clean Air Act focused on air emissions from dry...


MSU research speeds wood preservative testing

Researchers at Mississippi State are dramatically speeding up the processes for testing environmentally friendly wood preservatives.

New procedures and equipment developed by the university's Forest and Wildlife Research Center are reducing by half the time it takes to determine if newly developed wood preservatives effectively prevent ...


MSU professor edits new guide on papermaking by-product

A major by-product of the papermaking process is the subject of a new book co-edited by a Mississippi State University faculty member.

"Lignin: Historical, Biological, and Materials Perspectives" is the editing collaboration of Tor P. Schultz, a professor in MSU's Forest and Wildlife Research Center; Wolfgang Glasser of Virginia ...


Mississippi State helping forest industry obey environmental rules

Research at Mississippi State University dealing with various ways to dry wood is yielding some good news for the environment and the state's forest industry.

Almost every use of wood requires drying at some stage of the manufacturing process. As wood dries it gives off emissions of volatile organic compounds that have the potent...


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